Gold Coast Family Vacation 2009

Here comes the usual travel update!

Christmas was spent in Gold Coast, the glitz and glamour of the beachy lifestyle, where every corner you see stands smoking hot milfs and dilfs with heavily inked bodies, and somehow, hot or cold - they are shirtless. I swear, it's like the scenes from MTV's The Hills.

We were there for 7 days, stayed at Santana Resort and loved the clean, convenient place. The managers/owners were incredibly friendly and helpful, it's awesome. The room we stayed basically has everything, from kitchen utensils to washing machine to sofa bed.

For my avid readers, you should know that I don't really do travel logs complete with dates and days, and my pictures are more often than not, not in sequence, so please bear with me, 'Cause I'm weird like that or, erm, lazy :)

Reached Gold Coast at about 6PM local time, strangely, not beaten, eventhough I barely slept the night before. Had Mexican that night (super awesome can die, it's damn cheap also) and went to bed early to be able to fully maximize the next day.

Woke up, looked outside, shitty weather. Nevermind. Consulted the manager on what to do on a less sunny day;

Aquaduck! It's like a boat, but no, not really! It's also a land mobile! The concept sounds cool, mum and I had to say yes to it.

Interesting sight seeing, saw tons of massive rich houses complete with their personal boats, with their own helicopter (sei yeh) and own yachts. Stress. Saw happy rich people jet-skiing, which I have sworn to try it out one day as well, and more people fishing. Below is a photo of Gold Coast from far, and you can see they have so many tall buildings. Mostly serviced apartments and hotels, this place is a tourist hive through and through I tell you.

After Aquaduck, we walked around a bit. Introduced mum to Woolworths. Until today, she still calls it, Wools - worth. Gave up correcting her. Had Vietnamese dinner, no no, let me explain; it was the nearest to our place, so it was the most reasonable to have Asian that night.

Next day, we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The photo below shows our attempt in feeding the Lorikeet birds which were so pretty I went spazzy for a bit when I saw them. BUT, failed. They never really came to our plates. They were flying around, and then ... stopped at others. Never ours :(

Damn lansi.

First time actually, touching a Kangaroo! I tried to act macho all, but actually I was kind of excitedlah. So long stayed in Aussie but never saw Kangaroos before, so of course I was like weeee! Australia's favourite pest! Look at mum, she's so adorable!

Thankfully, our voucher includes a free photo with the koala! Of course, mum and sis weren't brave enough to touch the koala, so I get to hold it! :) The fella ended up grabbing hold onto my right boob, as you can see it. Terribly cute.
Although we were tired beyond words, I insisted on swimming that night. And of course, energy comes from everywhere when you're having fun. Swam 'till the pool closes :) It was also my first time, actually trying out an outdoor jacuzzi, so it was so much fun. My sister and I were so jakun the entire time, luckily no one was there to see that. The pool all to ourselves!

Next day was the very much anticipated Movie World! See, because I have tried even scarier rides (so I think) before, Jessy and I prioritized mum's preferences; which were to catch the shows. We did, we ended up catching up with most of the shows, took up the whole day, and rode a few rides. When mum took a rest, I ran to the Superman ride (apparently super dangerous), and queued for it. When..... just about a line or two for me about to hop onto it, the announcement goes;

"The train will be closed for an hour or so for maintenance, thank you."

Or something along that line. Wah, damn stressed. It was already 2something, and the place closes at 5, and mum's planning to leave by 4. Wah, lagi stressed. Decided to forgo it, and forget about it.

Shrek shop!!!!! I cannot stress more how happy I was to be in Movie World with tons of Shrek's endorsements everywhere! :) Like when were in the 4D Shrek experience thingy, I swear I could like quote all of the things that they were saying, IN LOVE!

Sorry yar, bad photo. But it's the only photo with me and the Shrek shop.

When it comes to themeparks like these, copyright is very much important. These characters' feature are incredibly vital to these themeparks for public interaction... and Warner Bros personal favourite, BATMAN was also there! Batman had his own show as well, I was most amazed with the batmobile. To just be able to touch itttttt. Fake or not, it still looked pretty good!

Bought a couple of items, but I love this (see below) the most! Jessy and I were having so much fun at the photobooth, we were giggling all the way! :) Noted that it's only 5 bucks, this was super worth it. Must. Have. Mum said my sister looked like a guy, and me a druggie. It's fine, it's kinda what we're going for.

Next day was, Sea World!

Here's the thing, when you know you're about to go parks with animals caged in or out, you must tell yourself, that they're well taken care of, that they're fed nicely, and that they're happy. I was enjoying myself throughout, until I saw this solo polar bear. I kesian him. He's either super lazy or emo, when I saw it, I just wanna play with it, then wanna feed it, like Free Willy or something. Serious.

Polar bear don't emo, I love you okay :)

Mum had her shutting down moment in Sea World as well, so I trapped my sister to go to some rides with me. Well... she went cold feet with this ride. Again. I had to do it, so I lined up alone, and weee! This time, chance didn't failed on me! Happy!

I think dolphins are glamorous animals. For some reason, they looked polished, poised and downright sexy. See photo below! I think they are of celebrity breed, know how to pose infront of people, and fully aware that they have the attention. I don't blame them. They're adorable and genius. Second photo was from the sea lion show. They're terribly cute as well, this big guy in particular did most of the tricky stuffs like clapping and imitating people.

One of my favorite activity when it comes to zoos or animal parks is to actually be able to pet them! It gives me this chance to communicate and bond with that particular animal, it's beautiful and fun. I know this sounds cheesy and pocahontas like, but given the chance to make friends with these awesome creatures is encouraged okay. We're not the only ones living in this world, so it's good to respect them alrighttt :)

Ps. Starfish's body is so rough.

See, I told you dolphins' look damn lansi at times. Even some of their shows and tricks, and skills make them look lansi. Anyway.....

We went to the beach the last day. Didn't plan to jump into the water, and sunbathe didn't even crossed our minds. So came to just walk around abit, snap some photos and leave. It was... scorching hot at 12pm that day, mum was already complaining like a princess like that. Here are whatever photos we could get from the beach, should be alright. Saw a lot of them surfing as well.

I try to take jumping photos whenever I visit a beach, play with the sand or something. Asked mum and sister to join me as well, and of course mum cockstared me at the idea. Well, at least I offered right. Look at the photo carefully, there are two patch of sands on air! :)

Thats it guys! All in all, Gold Coast was awesome!


That's not enough right? Well, knowing me you should know that I rarely think so much about the places I've visited, unless I feel the need to say something about it.

It's the people I'm with that I very much think of. To be able to spend time this Christmas with mum and Jessy, is a gift I hold dear to my heart, something I would like to in some strange ways; try to compensate for those who can't celebrate Christmas with their family. The very least I could do is cook them dinner, and bask in their love on that day.

Put me in a shithole with a million and one things falling apart, I will make do of it, so long as I have the best people around me. I appreciate company, it's from you people I learn what love is :)

Gold Coast, out!

I'm going to pat myself on the shoulder for being able to update posts on time.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
OMG I NEED TO RUB THIS IN!!! I went to the exact same park!!



But our attempt with kangaroos failed la, they kept running away.
Jacqkie Rowena said…

They never came to us, I emo :(

Kangaroos were so action there for us the whole time though. Heh.

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