Greetings from home!

I'm a free woman, so from the wise words of Frank Ferdinand; take me out!

After years of publishing my thoughts online, you know I am inclined to give you grandma stories on my personal issues nowadays. I don't blame you if you ever give up this page. Shitty rantings on my opinions and random worldly inquiries can get pretty repetitive and hard to keep up sometimes. I get that, my mind needs a break. But, oh well. These thoughts need to go somewhere.

Since I will be so free (could be the death of me), I can blog about things that are more inquisitive. Wah, my English damn powderful now. Like;
Mum, if you could label Jacqkie with the Little Ms & Mr, what would it be?
I know, Little Miss Naughty.
No, no. She is so naughty and terrible, she is Little Ms. Horrible.
Wah. I'm that bad meh?
Kidding, substantial conversations aside.

Mum is so adorable she agreed to take funny webcam photos with me. I like her this way. Not too naggy, not dysfunctional either. Like a mum should, just right, just nice.

Met up with half of the battalion today, uncle A, uncle J. I'm surprised they didn't say I'm a lot darker or, as the Westerns say 'tanned', which I obviously pointed out to them first before being brutally attacked, anyhoo - saw my niece Aysha as well. She's so cute, I could die! I love the feeling of feeling belonged, it's been a year since I last hung out with this big joker family of mine.

Dinner was with mum's church friends. These elderlies are terribly sweet, spot on, this place (or home) among other mini things, reminds me where I'm from. A kampung. In the midst of all these, I see their big cars, fine linens, but still these people are so accommodating towards others. I wonder what's their secret after all these years. I also met up with a childhood friend, whom I have not talked to for a good 10 years. Didn't get to really sit down and chat with him properly, but these things only made me realized even more how fast time flies. It felt like just yesterday that we were kids, teasing each other, now that we're estranged adults, striking an upbeat conversation is like, plain strange. Do we talk about the past, present or heck, the future? Tonight was cute. Danced with them, karaoked with them. I was smiling all the way at the sight of two generations mingling together. Joy!

Had a chat with mum the other day during transit. She gave me so many things to think about, so many things to question, so many things to be, frankly, worried of. I don't usually worry about stuffs, I'm usually very relaxed and confident about a lot of things, but being realistic her, putting things into my head is what she does best. Thank you, mum?

I need to brush up my small talks, before I start boring people to death with big words and reflective connotations. I am terrible.

ps. Gold Coast and 2009's last post up next.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


J-KhOO said…
Oi Roland Garros who has powderful england. "Stuff" is plural. Now you know =)

Whuts yr Malaysian hp numba?
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Sorrylah editor. I write whatever comes to mind first (: I will text you with my Malaysian number once I have it okay? <3

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