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Before I begin anything pointless here, I'd just like to warn you that this post will probably be the vainest post you've ever read from me. Or seen. Well,

A. I know all of you aren't able to see most of my photos unless you're friends with my friends who uploads the photos, but my tagged photos. Na uh, I've disabled it ages ago because some pictures of me are indecent enough for young relatives' viewing. Think bottles, think opening mouth wide open. NO, not that. Like the ber-joli kind.
B. The pics are stolen from either Yuen, Audrey, Rachel, Rubee and Snowy and I
so tak tau malu.
C. I purposely chose those pictures with me in it

I know right.

Okay, okay. Considering the fact that some of you guys are my good friends, of course I'd like to share with you happy moments in my life, but because of A (refer above), I might seem sadly uneventful but contrary to my sad Facebook profile page, there are tons of things to talk about!

This might not be associated with all the photos below, but you know, feels nice to update of things that are random.

1. Dude, last push. And that's it. I'm done with Degree and I need to like, work my ass of already. One more month (plus) for that last push, and that's it.

Let's make the photos our intervals okay? My shitty rant will only bore you I know. Below is a photo, (I believe) Carmen took of us jumping at Bondi Beach Sydney. If you've been an avid follower of my blog, you've probably read on how awesome the beach was. Massive, white soft sands, surfers, I mean.. suns. Wtf, suns not even a word.

2. I need to slowly box up my stuffs and send them back home Sabah. It's so fast. Really, time flies by so fast that I forgot by the end of this month (hello Halloween), we're all packing up already, if not, we're thinking of packing up. And oh my God, I will miss this place. I will miss how easy it is for us to gather around and have dinner, watch movie together, for some strange reason, we just blend in. Err, pic stolen from Snowy.

3. Halloween is in 2 weeks time. I know, I need to like mentally prepare myself with my costume. Not to say it's the hardest, not to say it's the easiest either, it's just... over the top. I don't need to come up with a character's lines but I do have something in mind to say when people are guessing who the hell I am. Clue, who.

This picture was taken a few weeks back, random sentence passing through (omg Audrey). This was the second time we went to this place and it was pretty awesome I'd say. The first time we went was not only shitty, everything about it felt weird. Second time? Free drinks = no complain! :)

4. I am 21. Actually there's more to it, but I lost my train of thoughts. Okay, nevermind. I'm looking for a job, something that I could settle with as my first job and survive in KL while I'm at it. Anyone of you guys reading now knows of any openings, please email or message me. Sounds desperate, but actually I'm just trying to open possibilities. Trying to knock more doors before I get that job. I'll be in KL in January so let me know of any prospective interviews. Much, much appreciated :) Not bad ah, blog and this social networking thing is like publicising yourself. Okay, too much.

Thats me holding... Kickapoo. Kinda. Something that looks like Kickapoo. Anyhoo..

Okay, you guessed it. It's not Kickapoo.

My birthday as I previously blogged, was so much love. Really. I feel so sayang-ed. I got tons of gifts, just yesterday from Audrey a flashy top that I'm planning to wear one of these days. A handful of nail polishes and earrings from Yuen, Thomas and Jay, a gorgeous butterfly necklace from Carmen and a head-band from Cindy. But you all know, the company was all I needed. And I had loads of it :)

5. I'm like totally in love with love. I have yet to find myself sunkenly gloomy these days (except cold mornings and waking up early for damned classes) and the more I like being happy, or find love in all the weirdest places the more happier people I meet. It's beyond true.

:) The last photo is for youths our age. Because we are "young and dangerous". Okaylah, it was funny when I said that to Jeffrey that night.

Really, keep that in your head. We are young now. Later no-more!

I love you guys.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
GUH makes me so sad knowing the semester is gonna end.
Jacqkie Rowena said…
I know. I'm so sad too. EMO :(

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