I'm 21!

:) It's good to be back!

Strange, it feels like studying here in Adelaide has made everything in life more in order as compared to back in KL. I don't know whether it's because Adelaide is such a slow-pace suburb, or because of the lesser workload, but I definitely feel less stressed here. My boyfriend on the other hand, has been complaining over the crazy clashing of datelines, and poor management from the school. I wish I can teleport myself and give him the biggest hug :)

My 21st birthday was celebrated here in Adelaide, and it's pure love and fun! I love my friends so much, and I can't imagine enjoying myself as much without them.

I sincerely think it was an extended 3days celebration. Audrey love invited us for dinner at her place the night before my birthday, and soon as it reached midnight the ladies sang me the birthday song! Cindy made some awesome self-made pasta, Audrey made red-sauce pasta, while Rubee & Mas brought Nasi Goreng Kampung. Aww, super touched and received a Shrek + Hannah Montana card from Audrey! During the day itself Cindy made me the awesomest bubble tea :)

Reached home at about 1am, and told myself to sleep early tomorrow so that I can wakeup earlier for much longer day of MY day. Woke up at 11am (good enough) and refused to cook lunch, so I bought lunch for Cindy and I instead & bought this awesome shit I got from this restaurant nearby, called Lemon Schweppe and it's to die for! Went to the kitchen and saw Carmen's gift & card. Awwww. Cindy came later to give me her present! :)

At night, the rest of the Magillians and I went to the infamous bar The Elephant to get some drinks. I was blessed enough to be sponsored of two tequila shots, one pancake shot (you should totally try this!) and got myself a Heineken, simply because I didn't wanted to get wasted. I wanted to get a cocktail drink, but by 12 (yes, we leave bars by 12) I was already half-ditzy.

True enough, when I bought a box of Iced-Coffee, when I reached home and drank it, I was so close of puking everything out. Speaking of getting wasted.

Finally had pancakes to satisfy my pancakes cravings last night, and Yuen gave me her present! To top it all, they surprise me with a tiramisu birthday cake with the whole bunch singing birthday to it. Deeply touched can or not. Here comes double aww, AWWWW AWWWW.

Before the boyfriend gets jealous, I forgot to tell you that I'm waiting for his parcel. I can't wait! He's so sweet, eventhough I will be back soon enough but he still send me the parcel for my birthday. Much love. My mum on the other hand SMSd me early in the morning, and the baby sister wished me the night before.

Pictures are with Audrey and Yuen, so thank you for going through all these words :) Pictures will be stolen from them and then put up once I retrieve them! Thank you so much for the wishes, the gifts, the cakes, the love, you know me, I will be eternally grateful :)

Last but not least, I'M LEGAL!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Yuenny said…
hope you liked it! oh and the present was from me, jay and thomas :)
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Yes, I love it! Let them know I say thanks! :)

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