His birthday, farewells and visa

Hello, how are you?

Sorry been busy, will let you know what exactly I've been upto this couple of days/ week. I think you guys were aware that two weeks back I went to Penang and I was away from the computer the whole time, and yes I kinda enjoyed that priviledge :)

Well, mummy came last week for a seminar and was here for four days. There were loads and loads of shopping, and frankly, I didn't want her to go back 'cause it was so good to have someone to sleep with, she's such a sweetheart! Not only that, I miss having someone to talk to at night. Someone who would give me this catchphrases or one-liners that would usually make me think-off to sleep. She always keeps me grounded, in ways only she can do.

DarenBaby turned 20 yesterday, and before she left mum took us out to TGIFridays for my farewell and DarenBaby's birthday. DarenBaby insisted on no traditional TGIF Surprise singing celebration, but of course the TGIFers refused, and embarassed him infront of my mum and two of my cousins, and mummy laughed so hard that night. Such beautiful moments! Next afternoon, (which was yesterday) Daren and I fetched mummy to KLSentral to catch the KLIA Express, mum was so sweet she insisted on asking DarenBaby not to send her to Airport which was nearby Nilai since it was too far, and also his birthday :')

After that, DarenBaby and I shoot up to Subang Jaya to meet up with his uncle and cousins from Australia, and for his family birthday dinner. DarenBaby's two Australian cousins are the CUTEST! They're incredibly pretty and I can assure you they will grow up hot and tall! The 12 year old is already 5'7, means taller than me (-.-) and the 10 year old is almost my height. Not only that, the 10 year old has the same feet size as me! Not too mention they're extremely buff too, because they swim and play sports almost everyday! That is awesome alright.

...and they're like balls of energy. They can carry people thrice their height. Thrice!

That took up my days and I have one thing on my mind right now, my VISA! My freaking VISA! I'm already flying next week, and it's not done yet and I'm so SO worried :( So you know what I do, I bug Carmen, Cindy, Jeff and Derrick. Kept torturing them with my questions 'till Derrick was like 'patience, patience'. Hahaha, sorry but I'm so paranoid!

Okay what else, herm packing the entire room is still about 30% done or less. I'm worried just thinking about it, and the fact that I'm moving extremely slow is scary. I'm still praying for miracles. Farewells? Argh, the worst part about this whole thing. It breaks my heart everytime given the chance to reminisce good times, and the thought of being physically separated with all the people I love kills me everytime I have dinners, luncheons with them.

DarenBaby has been tremendously emotional the past few weeks as well especially since Penang. If life would be as easy, nothing else would've mattered. I would pack my bags and run with you, travel across the world and waste money on your favourite items. We'll built a house underneath the prettiest stars, and build the most colourful patio for dinners. But life isn't that easy, because to build a house means to find money and to find money means to keep them.

When you beg me every single day, my heart hurts 100 times more each time.

"Baby, don't go. Just tell your mum H1N1 is getting bad, it's safer here."

"Baby, please don't go. Who can I pinch and poke at when you're gone?"

"Baby, don't go when you're gone I will be watching movies alone. Do you want that? No right?"

"Baby, don't go. I will miss your apple cheeks."

Sweetheart, I know it's really hard to believe this but we have to stick to it. We part, only to see each other again. I love you :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Lydia said…
last part of the post is quite saddening. :'(
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Lydia: Yeah.. :'(
The Soundaholic said…
Alah so sad :(((

*hugs hugs*

I pray you be strong, and it'll be tough, but you guys will be ok :)

Lots of love,
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Beth: thanks, I hope, wait, I know I will :)

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