Gastric & BSB

At this very moment, the nightcrickets are making the perfect harmonious for a good night sleep, and the knowing that my baby sister is sweetly sleeping on the bed (where I will join her later) brings joy to my heart.

I love this place.

Referring to my title, last Saturday was bittersweet. That night before, the boys finally decided to make Melaka happen. People that (supposedly) followed were, Geoffrey, Kent, Daren, Amir, Brian, me and fishy Dara! Unfortunately, only that morning Amir informed us about the sad news that he couldn't join us! If he were to FFK us we would probably kicked his ass, but this time it was really his dad - since he had to leave his girl, Dara as well. After much persuading, fast forward, we finally had proper breakfast at around 11.30AM in Subang. When we started the journey, I was still okay, had quite an empty stomach but I thought we'd reach there by 1PM or so and could straight away have our lunch. BOY WAS I WRONG!

We reached there at 3PM.

The jam killed us but quietly, my stomach was already shouting cannibalistically, if that's even a word. See the thing about me that pisses Daren off all the time is the fact that I act macho when it comes to my 'disease'. It's not that big of a deallah, but I have bad gastric. Okaylah, very bad gastric - very bad that I don't think I've shared this with anyone.

I'm not too sure whether anyone has it, but it's quite rare to find someone who complains much about gastric when infront me. Maybe it's because of that, the rarity of gastric among my friends makes it even harder for me to voice out the need for me to eat AT THAT TIME. First of all, everyone must know that Gastric/ Gastritis varies between people. The symptoms, sickness, causes and everything else, varies with different people and different lifestyle. Personally, I think it's a hereditary disease for me. All of us has it in the family. My brother rarely experiences it and sometimes he's in disbelief as well as in to why he could have it, (but whatever).

Here's the history!

I had my first oddest stomach pain when I was nine. You saw it, NINE. And honestly, I really didn't know what I ate or what I did before that to have made me gotten it. It started of with sharp pains that would come and go. It occured every 10-15 minutes, and because I was too young I didn't remember telling my teacher about the aches, until my teacher realised I was sweating all over and all that pain I hold through for hours, finally showed in my face.
I was taken to the teacher's office and was rested flat on the chairs. I couldn't. I just couldn't. My stomach hurts so badly that I had to constantly put pressure on it by pressing it with both my left and right arms.

Mummy came for me after she received the emergency calls.

Years, years and years of experiencing it finally made me see through what were my causes to my Gastric. Through analysing my body, I've researched, identified and fine tuned what were the reasons behind it, hopefully with the right solutions, and it's because of all that fainting in the toilet and dragging of my body whenever I experienced it (of course also with after numerous of clinic visits), I finally get to pin point the causes which are,

1. I am not allowed to have too many gassy/ asidic- nitric, citrus drinks (Bicarbonate sodas, some of the juices ; apple, orange, mango etc)
2. I am not allowed to have any alcohol without having proper meals before hand
3. I am not allowed to have too much of spicy or soury food
4. I am not allowed to skip any meals
5. And by far the most important, I'm supposed to follow a certain timing of when to eat (say for example, 4/5 days I had my lunch around 11-3, I CANNOT have my lunch later than 3 on the fifth day)

Just like other sicknesses or allergies that you and I have, over the years you will learn to adopt it, match it with your surroundings and your lifestyle, but somehow mine has gotten worst. To the extend not only will I get stomach aches, I would get really really high fever if I skip any meals as well, especially lunch.

Among the worst I've had my gastric was once when I was in form 1, during a party. Just because I started the party with A, I repeat A can of Orange F & N - I started having the pains after an hour from the first can. All the food that I consumed after the orange drink - were vomitted, pooped out, vomitted again until I was so weak I couldn't carry myself up and my face was rested on the toilet bowl like it's life. Next thing I knew, my friends were screaming and knocking hard on the door asking me whether I was alright. I fainted for a brief moment.

Sometimes, these pains would last for days like what I had yesterday. From Saturday, right up till yesterday, Monday. I was resting on the bed the (literally) whole weekend after Melaka! Not only was it an overkill to my appetite (sometimes I could only eat one spoon of rice), it's also annoyingly uncomfortable when I have to pass all the gasses either through burps, or... yeah. You know.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now! Thank God! I was already feeling all gloomy when I couldn't eat much of my mum's food yesterday, now yippee yeay! :)

Oh, please enjoy this! It's my baby, Brian, Geoff, me and Kent singing BSB. Don't tell them it's up! It's not too clear, but oh well :)

Jacqueline @ Jacqkie Rowena


Daryl said…
Well in a way....u and meh are the same....but minus the gastric pains....cause i never had any when i was younger...or even during secondary school....mine was somehow the opposite....mainly because mine is an internal boil inside my system..which was discovered one fine day when...i had food poisoning...the result?? the very same thing....i can't eat or drink anything which is citric...,asidic...,fried, well as sour....and i defnitely can't skip any meals at any given time or day....For now...presently...i have to watch my diet....or else it could lead to something worse....but thank god for his mercy and grace...that i'm okay now...and that he will continue to stregthen me against any more symptoms like these.....
Jacqkie! said…
Daryl: Oh our life is terrible! :(

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