Flights Promotion, and ...Amsterdam

I am so friggin' tempted to buy tickets to Amsterdam. Or even Buenos Aires.

The impulsiveness would probably bite me back in the ass but since the flights promotions are excruciatingly tempting, sometimes your stupidity are better reasons than real reasons. Like those mumbo jumbo you come up with when your mum ask you why you do it. See, it's so much harder to lie.

After this year, I'm done with university.I don't know whether this will be the end or the beginning of freedom, because though I might be accounting my own money from then onwards, there's a huge part of me (and yours' too I believe) that wants immediate pocket money whenever we ask for it. Minus the fact of course, some of us are actually extremely hardworking and loves that hard-earned money. Really?

So back to Amsterdam, my point is I want a vacation. I mean, when is vacation ever enough? Just when I thought life is all party again, I'm back clicking and staring at the same page every darn day (Facebook included). Sometimes I would end up falling asleep with both my hands on the keyboard, all for alphabetical validation. Not only work eats you up inside, sometimes it's just too many of them! I'm not complaining mine (sometimes yes there are too many of these paperworks), but I think we all understand that this vicious life-cycle of people connecting with one another, is strangely taxing each other.

Other than that, I'm working with Flash for the latest assignment. Not the pina-colada moments, but it's pretty okay I must not lie. The colors, the graphics and it's flexibility in writing anything you want is not too bad.

More substantial post next time, I swear. Too busy these days with home, the second home, work and flights promotions.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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