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I'm so excited about tomorrow night, it feels surreal that the most awesomest favouritest bestest music genius in the entire world will be performing right infront of me! omygahhh!

I know not to expect much, because they're so many circumstances that could make it a bad one - it being outdoor stadium and noisy, Jason being too micromini on stage, and it raining heavily! Fear, I tell you! However, I've decided to have fun because his fans have told me that he's great with live concerts, so I really can't wait. Really.

Here's the exact story behind all those tickets I've been selling;

Exactly about a month ago, I heard from Mix FM that they're the official radio station for Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia and I couldn't help but got, so so darn excited about it! They were giving away tickets & meet & greet prizes, and I've decided to try my luck in those contests. My initial plan was to win the Meet & Greet because I really didn't mind paying his tickets.

What started off as playing chances became this crazy obsession! The first two weeks were crazy, I would wake up as early as 8am in the morning to listen to the cue to call, and sleep at 12am to end my night. After a couple of days of listening instensely to the radio (I'm not kidding! It's to the extend I fell asleep on the couch with my cat sitting on my face, and even called Daren an hour later than I promised) I've finally recorded a pattern.

I knew exactly what time was Serena C & Pietro, and the other 3 DJs will be giving away the tickets and this made my life easier. I only had to wake up when the time is up, and do other things I needed to do until it's the cue to call. Unfortunately, even after the recognizable pattern & my pyschotic obsession over winning the Meet & Greet Prizes for the past two weeks - I never got through Mix FM calls.

I didn't gave up, of course.

After around the 30th heartbreak (not kidding), I switched to Hitz.FM only to find out that they're also giving away Jason Mraz tickets, infact way easier! All I had to do was to call in, when I'm Yours is playing and be the 5th caller through, and pray hard your call gets through!

The first time I listened to Hitz.FM after weeks of Mix.FM's Advertisements' Immunisation, I heard Jason's I'm Yours, and I called in. Patiently, (while singing I'm Yours pula tuh) I waited for my dial tone to die off yet again.


Rudy picked up, and I got SO shocked, I was speechless for a good 10 seconds! And the rest is history, except me not giving up on the Meet & Greet. I was so happy beyond words could describe, not because I won the tickets, but because I got through, maybe I was just too damn tired of waiting. I sang for Rudy, which Carmen heard me -.-.

I was still so persistent about the money can't buy/ priceless Meet & Greet & found out that Channel [V] & Astro was organising another Jason Mraz's Meet & Greet. With no hesitation, I tried my luck again.

And I was among the Lucky 32 to win the tickets.

When I saw the email, I had the WTF moment which took me about almost half an hour figuring out what the hell should I do next.


I'm so sorry if it sounds like I'm rubbing in my lucky winnings, but I assume all of you know me well enough that I don't do those prideless things :) I'm just happy, I'm so freaking lucky!

Mraz, J: I'm building the world myself and putting new hats on everybody one by one... Before I go out I'm gonna have people in Tutus, Cops wearing Sombreros, Stockbrockers with Viking Hats, Priests with Panties on their heads. In the world I'm building, everybody shouts hello to everybody else from their car windows. People have speakers attached to their chests that pour out music so you can tell from a distance what mood they're in, and they won't be too chicken to get naked when the rain comes.

Jacqkie @ Jacqueline Rowena


The Soundaholic said…
Awwwww :)

I'm so happy for you dear!

Hehehe, well you go have fun!!!

And thanks love, I'm doing okie :)

Timing's everything... and this time there's plenty...
Jacqkie! said…
I know, thank you thank you. I HAD SO MUCH FUN LAST NIGHT! :)
Michelle said…
Walao, so nice..Let me know how it went k? *envy*

Wish I was there cz the fugitive was there too..grrr
Jacqkie! said…
Michelle: dang! should have told me! :P
Bonnie said…
Wah..lucky you kie.. :)
Jacqkie! said…
I know, thanks babe! :)

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