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I'm sorry for privatizing my blog the other day. There was a turn of events, and I'm taking full responsibility for everything I wrote. Basically, few people I've talked about in my previous angry post confronted me, and I told them what I thought they needed to know.

I don't know whether these relationships will fail, but I'm determined to move on. To not look back, that mistakes or confrontations happen for a reason. I'm putting my head up high, and surround myself with positive energies. I don't want to fight fire with fire.

With that said, I had a great time during some open houses I went this year, not because of the many angpaus I got (but really, gottttt ;P), but because of the love I received and gave. I never wanted any of the things happened; happened, but it did - and I'm now happier than ever. Most of it is also because of daren. He has been completely honest, strong and positive to me that it makes me more determined to go far and beyond with my dreams.

He had me smile and laugh sincerely during the toughest times, and he hold my hands and arms when I need it the most. He talk me out about things, about future, about life and he gave me the reasons to move on.

I couldn't imagine my life without him, knowing that I'm leaving for Australia in few months time. He and I have determined to stick to each other until the end of time regardless of what will happen. He knows me the best out of anyone else in the world, I'm standing by his side, near and far. I do have my sleepless nights when it comes to long distance, and more often than not I heard it doesn't work. Even if it failed on me the four months I'm there, I'm coming back here and he will be the first person I'll run to. God forbid, I hope we'll not be separated.

If there's one thing I admire most about Daren's family is the fact that they really talked about the problems they're facing. Eventhough they have their occasional Brothers & Sisters fight, they remain strong and they communicate their problems.

It's 12.42 PM now, and I'm all alone again.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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