One year, really??!?!!

Audrey sweetheart's departure is like a realisation that soon enough, everyone will part their ways whether we want to accept it or not. And when she say, see you in a year; there's this uncertainty clouding in and I can't keep but wonder - where will I be then?

Will I,

a) Work in KL and others head back home, or just too busy?
b) Work in KK, settle down, and college sweethearts aren't there?
c) Work in Aussie, and college sweethearts aren't there too?

Some industries acknowledge that 21years old is too young. In fact, most industries like Architecture & Medicine have graduates that are at least a couple of years my senior. But that's the age where I have to work hard already.

Knowing that by the end of this year, I'm required to look for jobs based on my abilities and skills, competing head-on with other graduates to survive, worries me. It's not the fact that I'm not ready to work, it felt like I'm not ready to leave the best years of my life, college!

Where I can happily say, I'm living luxuriously under mummy, I have ample of free time, and all I have to do is to work hard for my results. I'm surrounded with great friends, who accompanies me most of my days and I've shared so many of my ups and downs with them it's heartbreaking to know that we probably will never have those precious moments we have back in college.

We all know this would happen, deep down we all know that you and I will be chasing rainbows sooner or later. But we love to be indenial, refuse to believe that growing up is too far away for us to even sense it. Day by day, without realising, we're slowly breaking free, breaking out from our comfort zone meeting and talking to people we never imagine we could've. Sharing wines and attending to so many events that we never could've imagine we could.

I don't think my age will reflect on what kind of achievements I may or may not be able to attain this year, I think it's the behaviour and the spirit. Truthfully, I'm not ready to leave college and my friends and my comfort zone and mummy's financial assistance, and omg, so many things! I'm just not!

But what do I do? I only have a year left to enjoy all these priviledges, and hang around in this younger, freer lifestyle. A year!

PS: Thank you so much for your advices and kind help, Mazidah. I love you, and I wish to see you in Aussie this July. I'll plan something out, k?

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


nasH said…
come to think of it,i have 2 years left,time flies quite fast,good luck in your future endeavors tho :)
Jacqkie! said…
thank you, thank you. you too, all the best :)

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