Jotting Moments & Academy Awards

Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love was featured in Oprah a couple of weeks back talking about the book; and she suggested to all the lost souls out there to try jotting down their best moments of the day every night before they sleep.

So I tried, and discovered this practice is more effective than I thought it would be, you know people being selective of their best moments and all. But, I was impartial throughout the flash-backs and here's what I wrote (without dates just to compare which are the ones I loved the most):

1. Kissing Daren & playing/ being tickled by him
2. Looking food for Daren & taking care of him when he wasn't feeling well
3. Cooking vegetables soup
4. Cleaning the house
5. Talking to Mum & Ika

It tells me that I'm more domestic than I would admit or thought I am. Though I refuse to believe so, or thinks I'm not so much until proven so- this list actually makes me understand more of myself! :)

Next up is Academy Awards & the movie Doubt.

I've developed much liking for movies and it's arts after working as a movie reviewer last time, and believed that just like documentaries; movies are powerful.

I'm not really sure about Slumdog winning that much and turning into what it has become, personally I preferred Milk more. Because Sean Penn has this ridiculous ability of absorbing into his character so well that at the end of the day you'll wonder who is he, really. Besides, other characters such as Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin & especially James Franco wrapped their characters tightly, so brilliantly it's almost unbelivable James Franco was the same guy in Pineapple Express. Sean Penn truly deserved the Award.

I just watched Doubt, and I was dissapointed of the ending. There wasn't vivid description nor visual examples to what's been going on behind closed doors, and the whole story was literally about your intuitions. Only one's doubt and certainty that will pull you through the movie. However, as a Catholic I can relate to a few things in the movie, the greater feelings I bore were gratitude and relief that I wasn't studying in a Catholic's School during the '50s.

As for the awaited Benjamin Button, it was good. Not Best Picture good, it was moreof like an adventure of an extraordinary man. Brad Pitt nominated for Best Actor, was the curious part. He didn't do much in my opinion, in fact the CGI should be nominated for it( it win best makeup though). The movie was good weird and Hollywood is weird, so I wasn't surprised that it got in to AA.

I'll be watching The Wrestler soon & I have a date tonight! :)


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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