Selamat Kembali ke Sekolah

Three more days 'till I'm back to that lonesome house again, I've been quite busy lately - I don't have much time to spare for blogging that much during the Christmas holidays. Frankly, I find holidays this time too awesome, I really do not want to go back KL this time. My heart is at its' heaviest to leave this home this holiday.

I find peace massaging mummy just now. Though partly, because I was talking to her about money and life, I find it hard to believe that by the end of this year, I'll have to start working too, like thinking of the future kinda work. My time as a student will finally be up, it's time to pay dues to my mum. It was quite enlightening talking to her, she made me realize the best and the worst things in life, that every sweat dropped is to make the babies in the house smile.

I've promised myself to help my mum in anything she does or wants in future. She's probably world's greatest mum, because she has taught all three of us how to be strong, and kind at the same time. I really don't know what I could have become or do if she's not with us.

Okay, sorry again for talking emotionally much about my mum. It's just I feel really appreciative, and sad after talking to her about life just now. She's probably the only person in my life, that can make me listen intensely about their struggle and rantings in life because there's meaning and essence to it - the talk made me think.

Anyway, my lovely sister will be having her SPM this year. With all the responsibilities at hand, I'm praying and hoping that she can cope with it. Did I tell you she's like the freaking President for Interact, Menteri Kewangan, Setiausaha Parlimen, Bendahari for Badminton and in the Editor's Board for the Magazine?! Don't you find it too much? I mean, I'm definitely (more so) proud of her, but a part of me is worried for her as well. Hm.

As for my brother; more hm. He's struggling right now. Stress gets to him, and he's trying to juggle between work and play. I surely hope everyone in this house will be okay.

Phew, I'm done sharing with you guys. I wanted to say 'Selamat kembali ke Sekolah' in this post, but forgot about it so 'SELAMAT KEMBALI KE SEKOLAH!'. As for me, classes only starts March! :) I'm off to working, or part-timing, will update ok!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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