Fake Tattoos awesome also mah

Listening to Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

I'm feeling abit melancholy at the moment, hence the music selection. My honey is an hour away from me, cousins reaching late, family - ah, I don't even know how to describe how much I've missed the giggles, and dimples carved on my beautiful sister's face everytime I grab her boobs. Yes, I do that only, only to see her laugh.

As you can see from the picture, I have a temporary tattoo on my left ankle which I weally like. My sister and I did the temporary tattoo about a week ago and it only costed RM6 each. It's pretty isn't it :) Give us a break, we were on holiday! She was quite worried of getting caught (since she's a prefect) in school, but I think by now the temporary tattoo would be washed off. She's so adorable!

Okay I just had a lightbulb moment - why do they call the prefects, prefects? Does the word prefect resemble, perfects - therefore, the prefects are supposedly to be perfect in all way?

Quite the dumb blonde momentlah, but ngam isn't it? Or is it like too freaking late for me to discover about this?

Had one of the most unproductive day today. Went for the office for the interview only to find out that it's postponed till next monday. So I stoned from 11am till now. By stoning I mean, sleeping and watching TV. Okay, coolios with that I get to have the weekend for meself since honey bunny is in Kampung with his family after I abducted him for Sabah the past 3 weeks. I get it, I get it my turn to miss him now :)

Oh, I so need to share with you guys what my christmas presents are! They're so awesome and the most sweetest ever from my sister and sweetheart! I did, seriously really did told him that I'm probably the least materialistic person on earth, he still bought me about gazillions of stuffs! I was so pissed off! I wanted to marah him then and there, but couldn't because he was too sweet, because according to him he saved his money for xmas presents *sob sob*.

He bought me an Elianto Make-Up set - he hand-picked all the makeup colours! (take note that he knows zero bejeebers about makeup) and the gorgeous Elianto Make-up bag. The Peace sign necklace sign from Forever 21, that I wanted so much. A face-cream which was quite random, but I still love it. Oh the last and seriously not the least, a present which was exact same thing that was bought by my sister!

He said he visited so many places, hours and hours after that, to finally be able to find that thing! As for my sister, oh sweet sister, she called my cousin up who's in KL at the moment to look for that particular thing; and told me that my cousin had to go to so many stores as well - waited for an hour to finally get her hands on that thing. What is it, it's a book!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald!

I was deeply touched by both of them, for taking notice of these little details. :'( Mummy bought me a gorgeous handbag (taking notice that the current handbag's zipper is broken). Sweetheart's mum gave me a collection of Mark's & Spencer's Shower Cream - omg, my cousins bought me books, another cousin bought me a hairy green phone keychain and well, well, sweetheart's youngest brother Nolen bought me a Shrek pop-up and Spongebob Squarepant's book!

Good golly, these xmas presents are symbols of love, which I believe none of them needed to show it through these gifts. Since they did, and were so thoughtful, I feel so loved and touched :)

I sound so much better now kan? Hehe, okay going off to watch The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants! XOXOX

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