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I went to watch Body of Lies with my brother the other day - this was impulsive. My brother wanted to go to MidValley for the last time before he finally leaves to KK (for good), so I decided to teman him eventhough we know all the shops would be closing on us. It was almost 10.

I was the one who dragged him to Mid Valley, for sentimental values, because no one, and I mean by NO ONE, I know has ever showed their affection for a mall before unlike him. Seriously. Every single time he's back from Johor or Seremban last time, MidValley was his definite first stop. If not, second. Anyway, I thought Body of Lies was okay. I mean of course Leonardo D'Caprio is excellent but something, just something is missing.

I was in church today, and that thought came to mind. Of course it's our state of mind that helps us distinct certain things between good, or bad. Then I remembered Mamma Mia! which my family and I thought was amazing especially Meryl Streep's performance, but my close friends didn't liked it. The reason that made the movie rotten for some of my friends is especially when Pierce struggled his lungs out to sing - which in contrary I thought was too entertaining to be true. It was amusing to see him struggle on a lipsynch which makes it more believable. Anyway, before I watch a movie, I usually (if possible), read reviews about the particular movie I'm about to watch and no exception for Mamma Mia!, where Times gave excellent reviews. That too occured to The Dark Knight. and some other Blockbusters, and non-blockbusters as well.

While some of my close friends preferred Hairspray, I fell asleep on the couch to Queen Latifah's acting and I was against the fact that they needed John Travolta as a woman when he's best as a dude. The worst of all, where I think some of you might think an offence, I FELL ASLEEP WATCHING TRANSFORMERS. Yes, Transformers. In this case, it might be because I was too tired driving my sister around that day (I think), or... I was busy thinking of something else. You know, something like being able to laugh at Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live on Saturday Nights, and not having-back your funny bones if it's aired Mondays at 4PM right after General Hospital kinda thing. You get what I mean?

Point is; no matter how typical Body of Lies was (think September 11) - I was wide awake, waiting, cringing, squinting for the right moment to speak aloud - '..thats friggin' awesome' but couldn't till credits - the action was awesome though. I was tired, but because I didn't want to spoil my brother's mood who was a billion times more tired than I was, I was mentally and physically awake that could lead to my distorted view of the movie.

I was once a part-time movie reviewer. I learned when to be critical about the tiniest bit of mistake, or to be appreciative of the most ridiculous backdrop - this helps only when I'm at the right state of mind.

I've gained more readers. Should I be glad, or worried?

Thanks, peeepoll!


Today, I witnessed a fight. I told this to sayang when he called me earlier in the afternoon. They were fighting just right infront of me, I swear to God, I even thought of tearing them apart. But I couldn't because both of them were so much bigger than me, and they were literally kicking and punching each other's face - I was in disbelief of such display of culture. I waited there hoping someone else was seeing what I'm seeing, and in few minutes a guy pushed both the idots away from each other. I was a bystander in this case, but to my shock almost everyone around me who saw it, were bystanders themselves as well! This including Security Guards, car drivers, and shops workers! I also admit, that men are needed in these cases, only because they look physically stronger than women when it comes to handling boy fights.

I mean, you wouldn't give a damn if a woman tried separating you with another guy using some sort of psychological talk - would ya.

Oh sweet goodness, everywhere's sale. May God give me the strength to use my brain to use my money wisely, and overcome this.

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