Await for my 2008 post, please

I ate alot this holiday. Tremendously alot, indescribably alot. For starters, mum cooked awesome food for Christmas, and food kept coming in, we don't even know when and how to stop. Of course, with goodwill power, I believe we can say no to all the Famous Amos, Chocolate Mint cakes, Pastas, Cheese cakes - but they're so tempting! With that said, alongside with billions of other posts that mentioned about diet- I shall always give diet a try!

I think I mentioned about Gaya Street to you guys that day. Every year (If I'm not mistaken), KK Churches organise Gaya Christmas Celebration along the street, which included activities such as carols and fireworks. I went to Gaya on the last nite, and it was quite cool I must say. I think I also did mention to you guys about carols oozes homely feeling, didn't I? Like, it seriously did! Chu Ni Men Sen Ten Kuai Li - is probably the most I know in Mandarin :) thanks to the multilingual Christmas song!

Here are some of the pics of that night;

Jessy and I

Mandarin singing Carollers

Daren and I had dinner with Shaneil and Denise last night at this place call Pitstop in KK Times Square. The pasta was quite good, so was the Tiramisu. Everything else was okay, but I do like the decorations and seating arrangements of the place. Beer bucket is only about RM19.00. Since the place isn't quite new but also isn't gaining much popularity either, I've decided to blog about the place to publicize it to your guys.

Futsal with the family, was as expected hillarious! It was so much fun, I was laughing almost the whole time. Haha, adults of 50years and above, ganged up with kids as young as 5years and below so it was quite messy, and it did scare me abit because I didn't want to see anyone injured. I'm very sympathetic I guess plus I don't like seeing kids cry.

Oh, my brother's doing quite good right now. No longer is he working like a log now, in fact he even works for half days now! However, there are times when he has to go for on-call which means he has to stay in the hospital overnight. So everything's all good!

I'm so enjoying my holidays, dear Gosh I hope you are too. My results are okay, but I'm still waiting for another one. I do hope my remaining days here in KK would be awesome-r.*grins*

Till then, hope you'll have a beautiful day and better holidays!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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