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In my defense, I did warned you I was going to blog whenever I feel like it. And apparently, I feel like blogging everyday... even when there's no bloody substance in it.

Screw this. Went to Section 14 with mah baby (who else) today, and had my usual awesome Hakka Mee *drools*. I've had that prolly one too many time a person can count, and I'm still having images of it in my head. *drools* again... On our way to the hawkers, we discussed about swapping genders - something like that, and asked each other, what would it be like if we change our genders with the opposite, for a day?

Me: I want a guy, to try and carry a handbag with all the stuffs inside thats not his!
Sweets: I want a girl, to try and be more relaxed, and not tensed more often than boys.
Me: I want a guy, to try wearing heels for one whole day!
Sweets: It would be cool to be a girl, and be able to eat and try all the food especially desserts because girls LIKES to try a lot of things.
Me: I want to see a guy, waking up extra early in the morning just to put on makeup and what hair to fix on that day! It's so hard!
Sweets: I want a girl, to appreciate the casual short pants look without saying it's not decent!

Both of us were, okay I lied, only I was so enthusiast talking about all the things I'd wish for a guy to see or experience what a day in girl's life feels like - and also experience life through guy's eyes! Though the conversation might sound abit sarcastic coming from both of us, but we weren't because sweetheart thinks it's especially important to not talk about certain issues which involves women, because we are slowly - becoming, the superior gender no matter how hard we try to deny it.

Okay, I admit at times, I personally think some of the decisions women make are much more mature, reasoned and well-thought of with at the other extreme, some of the decision women make are emotionally influenced, impulsive and inconsistent. And just like what Daren says, which I agree, sometimes I wish I could be less tensed, less worrysome, less emotional at times, because it really helps! Which leads this post to...

I meditated today! NO SHIT. And I shall talk to you about it in abit of my experience. I used to meditate when I was in high school, but now I've become too stressed with every single detail in my life (ah ha!), I haven't been doing much 'relaxing' for so damn long. So here're few stuffs you really need to know about meditation, it's not just the monks doing it, it's really really good, it's really not as easy as it looks and it's (actually) fun!

If you're too stressed out, the cheapest way is this - like seriously. Coming back to women being stressed all the time, as I tried to meditate today - after 5 minutes of relaxing I realized my eyebrows were still frowning! Argh! I tried fixing it manually by pressing the upper part of my face to relax my face, but I couldn't! It took me about 10 minutes to just chill to finally be able to relax my face. And I realized...

I (or for some women too maybe) like(s) to try too hard. Whether it comes to pleasing our other partner, our wardrobe, our hair, our relationships, our physique, our assignments, our time management or the food we cook, our workload, our friend's criticisms, our path in future - and believe me when I say this our Facebook's pictures or profiles, almost everything I can think of!

If I were (this IS the correct english dah-lings) a boy for a day - I'd wear short pants, tee that says 'If I say you have a hot body would you hold it against me' and slippers the whole day. I'd enjoy the cheaper drinks which are beer and actually love it, I'd watch every other sports thats playing on TV and curses freely, I'd try stand up peeing and starts moving 'it' uncontrollably just to see how cool it looks like, I would play games that I'm good and bad at, I'd wait for my sayang to cook for me, I won't pay for the girls because I'm not that stupid cause I hate chivalry, I won't get into a relationship because it looks so hard, I have the right to EAT MORE! and last but not least blardy hell if I'm not a gentleman I won't follow the rules - because when I was a woman I expected rules to be changed too!

No, no this is not a post to degrade the men - these are the things I seeeeereeeeously want to do if I'm a boy! Which makes it so much easier to understand why some men can be jerks or ignorant for that matter are easier to become, than good. I mean if guys would experience what women feels that would probably give them a better perspective why we're like this. Right?

What would you do?

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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