2 more weeks!

While Sweets was doing his IPD Assignment just now, I was pumped up blogging about cooking and food, because welll, I'm all about food. Now, my eyes are all droopy and I'm forcing myself to listen to some "clubbing" songs. Omg, NERD's Everybody Nose is too awesome not to replay it over and over again. Serious shit. It's quite of an awkward song, but I have to admit the beat makes me realise how I miss clubbing so much. I miss the loud music, I miss dancing with sweets and my girlfriends, I miss drinking, I miss dressing up from head to toe, I just miss having night outs! UNIVERSITY is robbing my life away. *asfdkasjdfchnsdh!*

Anyway, that aside. I must always remember, that the 3 months holiday is in two weeks time. Three blardy months people! Three! THREE! It's like insanely super cool, and I'm already scratching my head thinking what to do; KK (definaately), part time/internship (most likely) and open my arms wide open and fall to the bed. Oh Mercy, Lepak! Probably shop here and there, something for christmas, and something for the end of the year (we always have excuses) just to feel all girly, "girly" again.

If I'm looking for a job, I want something like an Events Freelancer, ifff it's possible. I know it's not easy to get these kinda jobs, but I really hope I could, plus I don't have a car so I don't know whether doing events would be a good idea. Gracious, imagine taking cabs at 1am or something. *grits teeth*

Omg, today Brian and Shaun scared the crap out of me. They were saying things about BCB (the subject that's used as a tool to obstruct students from going next semester - like seriously) and how their failure was so dissapointing and that everyone else failed the subject as well. That ruined a quarter of my day because I was thinking about it too much. I can't afford to fail anything, including this God forsaken subject, I can't.

One more assignment, and one last exam. Hang in there. The revenge of Lumix Panasonic and the absolutely free Jacqkie (I hope) is coming :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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