Graduation 2008

This week was shitty crazy. Never have I run so fast here and there for a damn assignment, and that too, I started off early. Goodness. It was crazy. Other than accumulative of 24 hours of no sleep, my Diploma Graduation ceremony was on last Saturday! :)

Thank you mummy, abang and ika, also my cousins who've pushed me all this time, and I must say it's all really because of you people! :)

I was contemplating whether to go for this ceremony, because it's just Diploma and by next year, I'm graduating again for Degree anyway... But Thankfully I didn't. The whole ceremony was really fun (okaylah I'm lying, it was 500 names!), and frankly I was beyond touched and thankful that my mum flew all the way from KK to attend my 5 seconds of fame. I was so happy too that I passed with a Merit, and I found out about it just that morning. Though I'm still not quite sure, what Merit really is, I assume it's good because there're only a couple of names under the Distinction & Merit list. So, wee!

Back to the ceremony, I was somewhat bored out of my mind the whole time, since it was about 500 graduands there to go on stage, all I did was talk to sweet calyn, played with my camera, and smsed Sweets. The Occasional Adresses were omg, indescribable. I know they were trying to be motivational, but quote unquote Audrey, one of the speaker with her overflowing positivity sounded like Cinderella. Like seriously.

Here are some of the pictures on that day. More on Facebook.

Anyway, I must say it was a rewarding experience especially after 2 1/2 years of climbing ladders. Whoever said it's "just Diploma", let me shove my foot to your ass, because clearly, you're just wanting to pass Diploma without anything back with you in return. If it's not the scroll, it's the damn knowledge and friends you met along the way. And omg, I must say thank you to everyone of you for putting up with me, and basically each other because if you haven't realize we were technically helping each other to graduate with group assignments.

To the boyfriends and the rest of the boys, who've made our life a little less stressfull thank you!

Graduation Backdrop
Chhoa Teng Nee

Lai Swee Wei

Chan Sook Yan

Calyn Yap

Daren, Eric & Shaneil


Sweeeeets look he's in formal! Isn't he gorgeous?



My Family

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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