Yeay, you can still kepoh!

I just downed 2 red bulls.

From what you can see I've decided not to make my blog private because some close friends and family members prefers my blog's accessibility. Other than that, I hope whatever's in my blog stays in my blog (who am I kidding, people talk). Thank you!

There are few things I'd like to say before I start-off:

1. The world's getting hotter. PJ's getting hotter. My house is the hottest. no, seriously I sweat even in my lingerie.

2. I'm having a really bad headache thanks to UniSA. Dam right, this is exactly what I asked for when I saw it's 100% assignments course outline.

3. Has turned over a new leaf :)

4. Is glad, my blog is more than just a blog to some people!

Yes, I will answer you what the heck I've actually turned over, to make things easier I've learned to manoeuver relationships and friendships much better. Studies are okay, a little bit stressed I must admit and I HATE waking up early in the morning every single day. I feel like high school all over again, just harder because you'd have to put on makeup and think what to wear - in groggines.

I just finished studying BCB world's ridiculous subject even better the lecturer is inconsiderate and talks like there's a gun pointed at her. And everytime I feel like asking her something, her facial expressions freaked me out, so I decided to just ask my friends instead.

My book is not done, big surprise.. I really don't have time to continue it, sure hope I can during my mid term break. I'm expecting a balanced mid break with works and relaxation in between. And oh, does anyone here know where to get good Mooncakes?

This week was the birthday week, as 3 of my loved ones celebrated their birthday. The food's all good, people's all good, frankly it was kinda tiring to the extend I was really praying to God to give me more than 24 hours a day to get things organised. WTF. I'm using Australian/ UK english already. Other than that, this has got to be the most fattening week in my Cake history and the chubbs is NOT complaining.

So far, I've only visited the Bazaar Ramadhan in Section 14 PJ, and it's not that bad actually. I like bazaar ramadhan because they sell Mata Kucing there. and everything else reminds me of home, cause mummy used to buy cendol and murtabak especially for us back in KK. Now, I have my new family here, Daren who's always there with me doing almost everything together with me :)

Oh which reminds me:

Me: Oooh, mata kucing!
Abang: Sshhh.. say slowly.
Me: ....
Abang: The cats will do this! *closed both his eyes with both his hands*
Me: *walked away*

And if you think you can run away from politics in my blog, you're wrong because indirectly I am updated (my lecturer made me read Malaysian media) with politics. Of course I'm rooting for anyone who has the balls to write and publish, particularly the awesomest journalist: Citizen Nades.

Okay, I'll be done very very soon. One last thing: once and for all, no man and woman can be realllly good friends if either one is single. The single one wouldn't understand the mechanism and limitations that might stir the feelings involve in both parties. For a fact, everyday I see good friends hooking up. Whether it's for the right reason, or (sexually) not.

Okay, britney looks 10 years younger in VMA 2008. and DAMN IT. I'm listening to Miley Cyrus, over and over again. Tolong.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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