Head somewhere!

I'm losing my head. No, seriously I was talking gibberish, I was imagining things and for goodness sake, I was still so sure about those things I talk about, eventhough I know it's not true. Things started to get messy last weekend when I fixated myself with something I thought would go that way as said, until it didn't and I started developing random thoughts about certain things.

I couldn't even begin to describe in proper words what I'm experiencing now. It's extremely strange, and I think it's solely because I've become a weird person now that I have been hanging around with sweets too much, and not with anyone else anymore. I mean that could be the only reason I could think of, and as much as I love spending countless of times with him (believe me, I seriously do) I think we both wants and most importantly, in need of each other. He's like my antidote and my pain, which makes senses but odd come to think about it.

I need females magazines now! I need faked and believingly real texts who can take me out from this state of mind whatever this is because sincerely, it's a vague place to be in. It's weird. My head feels empty, my heart on the other hand bottles a million and one things. It's a really strange feeling, I can't even use Miley Cyrus' or Pussycat Dolls' songs to lift me up - now that's something. Usually I'd give up of their songs after the first one, but not this time. They're even stuck in my head, and in few seconds I'll click Perez Hilton. As he would say it "OMG".

I'm in a mess. I'm collecting so many thoughts. I NEED PROFFESIONAL HELP.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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