Friday, May 23, 2008

KK 2008

For those of you that knew about my Best Friends' visit to Sabah, here are the pics that I handpicked from Sway's photo-album to share with you guys.

Anyway, Sweets is not feeling very well since Tuesday. Apparently he got food poisoning right after KK. People would think that he got it from the 'ethnic tribal food' from Sabah that's supposed to be new for them KLpeople, but it wasn't, and we suspect it's the Pizza he ate last in Pizza Hut. Weird.

Double 6- Memorial haven't met the real Superman, haven't you!
Audrey, Kerry, Calyn a.k.a Gangstar, Sweets, Sway and Chia Wen.
WITH The Master of All Chefs! :) Beh!
I really had to take this!
Calyn's kinda funny here

The Murut Dancers and the Gang
...and EVERYONE! :)


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