is back

Sweets: So how's home (PJ)?
Me: Alone. *sigh*

I'm back to the other house. The quiet one. My best friends' visit to Sabah was awesome, if not tiring. I'm back now with at least three ulcers in my mouth that I know of, squeaky clean kitchen cabinet, and completely zero updates in my daily itinerary with not much ringgits left. I am stucked in this small house until the two lovelies come down. Pictures from Sabah will only be obtained after the two photographers upload them.

I have yet to apply for any work as mum and sister will be coming down to PJ soon, and we'll be heading down to Batu Pahat to visit the Dr this Friday. Other than that, mum finally met the infamous Daren and my KL best friends. For this, all I can say is WEEEE! My friends finally met the infamous Daren and KL best friends. My two lives collided and I'm happy to see everything went tiringly good.

Other than that, I am back to The Sims 2, where you control the computerized people's lives, in my assumption people do this because theirs' are rather controlled. Or of course, to create a new live you know you'd never in your trillion years you could possibly would have, for example 5,000 dollars worth of Television when you're working as a PickPocket. How realistic.

I bought my sister Big Apple Donuts the other day, and now I AM craving for it. *%^#@! I need some sleep, and to wake up in time for Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. For now, it's back to The Sims 2 :)



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