"Why do we hurt the most, the ones we love the most" - Yasmin Ahmad (Gubra)

I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone in the past few days but I have been very busy with everything that I dont even have the time to take a breather anymore.

The only time I know I'm around and living is when I'm sleeping. Other than that, I'm somewhat derailed and cannot see anything in front of me ironically- I'm constantly moving.

Just like everyone else, I'm constantly tired and questions millions of things in life.

Why are such things repetitive? Why am I on a rocking boat? Why do I get tangled? What is ahead of me? Why can't life be black and white? Why do I keep banging myself on the wall? Why do people lie? Why can't we just give up? Why am I so determined? Why do I keep asking questions? Why dont these things stop pestering me?

Currently, I have a swollen throat and a farked up life. The best part is, everyone around me thinks the same. None of us are the happiest anymore. I dont give a damn if no one actually knows what's in this small head of mine, but I assure you, none of my thoughts, I repeat none is kniving and everything is clear as water.

But others, I dont know. I thought I knew and maybe, soon, I will give up finding out.

DYD, I hope we'd stick with each other through thick and thin. I know I wont be available to you at all times that you'd resort to others, I'm truly deeply sorry. I will never mistreat you and will always be by your side. No hidden secrets, metamorphical languages, lies, un-trustworthiness and confusion, will I try and engaged to. I'm sorry, everything begins and ends with me, I know. :`(

..and I hope with my two hands pressed together, that you too, would do the same.



Anonymous said…
:) and :( and :S

Get my drift?
DeGiRL said…
I still love you!!! Always have and always will! There's no need to give up. I'm always here... so are the rest of the gang. We love you!

We're just worked up over the work and finals soon.

Chill babe. We're here.
Hugs! Muah!!

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