It's the third time

Yup, this was the reason we missed Shaneil's celebration and catching up with Carol babe.

My poor baby got his shoulder dislocated. Again. This was his third time, and was the most painful according to him. We were in the bus when it happened, and I swear to God, I was very close in tearing right infront of him, but couldn't because I know, it would not help the situation AT ALL. So I toughen up, and completely ignored the world, and focused only on him at that time.

Sorry to everyone for not being able to msg and explain to you guys about it, as I was too busy taking care of him for his x-rays 'till he reached his ward. We had a difficult dinner and I couldn't really sleep at night thinking how he's doing in the hospital alone, in the night. I mean yes, he is a big boy, but he's my big boy now, and I will always be on the lookout for him.

I spent the entire day and night with him in the hospital, and was trying my best to make sure we would have fun with of course, being conscious of his inability using the right hand very much. And boy did we had fun! It didn't felt like we were in the hospital at all, minus the sick people, minus the nurses, minus the medicines, minus the, okay maybe abit la. And according to him, it was the best hospital stay!

It's actually not a funny thing at all, but the drs and nurses and baby himself made it funny.

Dr: So you know the procedures right! You've been here so many times! *laughs*
Nurse: *saw Daren* Ah, ini selalu datang ni.
Daren: You know what, I think I contribute to 70% of SJMC's profit la baby.
Me: -____-"

Other than that, I'm done with classes and will (DAMN IT) have finals in a week's time, and I haven't looked through my notes at all. I should really start my studying tomorrow.

Oh my Gosh, I have 25 people to thank, yes, my friends of proPassion Communications; Andrea, Nat, Audrey, Swee Wei, Nessa, Yuen, Grace, Carmen, Ash, Aina, Wai Kit, Goh Ngin Tseng, Lydia, Linda, Alvin, Denise, Kerry, Roger, Edmund, Amanda, Jing-Jing, Jay, Thomas and Cythia. Really, we're the starting line of the consultancy yo! Thanks for your co-operation, and you no longer have to sigh whenever you bumped into me, because I know asking for your updates can be irritating at times. :P

As for the Bali thing, may the best men/women get it. Good luck guys!

Baby and I are starting a new discipline, which we cant tell what, because we're very shy about it and it's not something sexual, rather it's something challenging. Other than that, baby went to church for the second time last week, and he wore the wrong shirt seriously, unintentionally, again. Great! It wrote:

"SUN OFF A BEACH" - i fell asleep in English class

What matters most is he's there. He's sweetly there accompanying me.



Grace Oon said…
Hey thanks for being a good leader too!

It must have been really scary, seeing BF dislocating his shoulder in the bus :( I'd be dumbfounded.

Btw, you're TAGGED!
Jacqkie! said…
Grace: yeah it was really scary. Thank God, I wasn't panicking! :S
The Soundaholic said…
Alamak! Kesian!

*hugs you*

Hope he's okay :)
Jacqkie! said…
beth: he is much better now. thanks for your concern :)

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