Hot. Quite hot.

I checked my phone. 9.35AM. Looked around, wondering should I or should I not wake up now.
Msgd him-

We spent the whole day in MidValley looking for his futsal shoe. Self-proclaim the cheapest girlfriend in the world, I helped him looking for something I call, "affordable" *couogh-less than RM100*cough* And bought of course, nothing. YET.

As expected, we, or rather HE, did not managed to escape from MPH Bookstores and we actually spent about half an hour there, mind you, actually READING. I was reading this DAMN-IT-I-WANT-THAT-BOOK, Tess Stimson's Infidelity Chain, while he, a book of superheroes.

Trying hard not to give a damn of the speaker behind my back talking loudly about his book, I couldn't help but rationalizing on his Tips for Improptu Speeches: PREP.

First, give a Point.
Second, give a Reason for the point you stated.
Third, Explain the point.
Fourth, might as well add on another P to make it sound nicer.

Young entrepeneurs now are, surfacing, I must say. But then again, He is a Singaporean...

The sweetheart came to St.Francis Xavier today with 0 (zero) clue of how a mass or a service goes. The best part he's wearing a shirt with the wordings:


How awesome (dont try this at other church) is that?

Besides eating fusion food of Local's and Western's, (I swear to God there's Satay, Fries, and Char Kuey Teow all in one plate), we spent about 10 minutes fighting over this decision buying a black flip-flops. In the end, he managed to sweettalk me and bought it for me. If there's anything I cannot say no to, it's his:

"Baabbbyyy Baaaahhhhhh"
*stomping his two feet on the ground and making the :( face*

Omg, if I do have any personality disorder, I would actually pluck his head out and preserve it somewhere in my room- for well, "rememberance" *whistles*. It's damn bloody (really bedarah-darah in this case) adorable okay!!!

On a different note, I have a flip-flop now! Thanks baby.
Went to visit a shelter home last Saturday and it was really-really-really nice. Worth it! A girl gave me her finger-painting that I appreaciate so much, I'm thinking of putting it up somewhere in my fugly room. What do you think?




mIcH T said… 2 lukisan dari yg sa lukis tym PS..haha
Jacqkie! said…
haha :D
-[sweei]- said…
hehehe, comel!!

what is it with couples and mph? Lee and I always go there whenever we're in Megamall. hehe, i'm not complaining. Mph is good fun!
Jacqkie! said…
sweei: I know. Hey it's damn awesome. You should try and read books together with Lee. It's damn relaxing.

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