Congratulations Kakak Milla! :)

Assuming that all of the pictures below got the word Jacqkie's on it (copyright reasons), I think ya'll can tell where I was the whole week I went MIA.

Going back hometown, never felt this good. Seriously. The fact that everyone was there and that everyone was in their joyous of mood for one of our loved cousin is now a Puan, everything went well.

Congratulations Kakak Milla! :)

Playing cards together among us cousins (last was about 10 years ago?) was so much fun! Time passed so fast that we forgot we were already playing for hours, and hours. Honestly speaking, I couldn't have ask for more in a trip-back home than that.

I enjoyed the company of them little rascals (which somehow or rather seemed to grow faster by the month! what the,), and of course I very much enjoyed the food, there in KK.

The lovely couple, Karmilla & Zain.

Bella (the sweet one), Fiqa (the devil in disguise), & Mira (the smart one)

The bugger love kids as much as I do, but apparently, the kids dont?

One out of billions of their AWW moments.

That pretty pelamin, my aunties, my uncles, cousins,and family did!

I was the door-gift girl.

My younger cousins, Nadiah & Sasha. (IGNORE OUR SAME HEIGHT) Grrr!

Zain, in sunglasses! :)

I had a chat with my bestfriend in KK but to tell you the truth, one night of three hours talking to her is not enough for me to catch up with her after 5 months, at all. I got sadder by the minute, with all the crazy stories she would tell me revolving her life. I realize that when you're experiencing the feelings of being on top of the world, your closest friends might experience the completely opposite from you, resulting in you not knowing whether to express your happiness, since you'd feel bad that it's going down the hill for them.

Besides work being a total pain in the brain, everything else seemed fine. Sweets said I have gained weight (thanks to my family's indirect plot of making me eat alot) after KK. For health reasons, sweets is trying to quit smoking. Regardless of any choices he makes/ made, I will always be there for him and with him. The intention to quit is as already so beautiful to me as what ever the results may be. I'm proud of him.

I tried my first Ramly Burger (yes I know, bitch slap me if you want to) the other day in USJ 3 and am in love with it now. Who's Ramly actually?



The Soundaholic said…

I sent you an email through and I hope I got your email right. I sent that email last week though.. didn't you get it?

And I changed my blog URL to I think I told you this in one of your previous comment box or something.

I also sent you a text message, I hope you received it... If not I'm gonna ring you up and we're gonna have some quality time talking hehehe...

I hope you're doing alright.. I miss you so so so so so much!!!!


Love you loads,
Jacqkie! said…
hey babe! I'm glad you dropped me a comment. Will drop by at randompixies see you! :*

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