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I have this thing with Pregnant Women; I find them no-competition beautiful. I think it's the mother's glow and the sweetness they have on their face- despite the fact that pregnancy can be a bitch. Or maybe the inner strength, that somehow only I can see. Strange? I know. I have this slight excitement for expecting mothers everytime I see them browsing through those little people's wardrobe. Super cute, and NO, it's not cause I want them myself. I'm good now, thanks.

I am allergic to modified cars. Or at least, my eyes are. I'm talking huge spoilers, freaky moaning-dinasour sounds from that tiny pipe, out of place stripes, and just plain confusing exterior decoration. And the PIMP-ish humping car as well, I'm too plain to imagine coming out from those funny builds. I do understand that everyone wants to personalize their car, but I personally think that the car is already gorgeous and nice as it is. Even a nut-size sticker on the car can grossed me. It's really, undescribable.

Why can't we just toss that thing aside and burn it? because it really is not a necessity. We wont die if we dont wear it right? Besides for a better sight of your puppies- maybe, and for that little tease, I dont understand why we should wear it for any other reason, like to work or to shops nearby? Random #3, I personally think BRA is one of world's most annoying invention. I'm speaking on behalf of women's liberation and (dont) believe me, throwing that thing will lesser the chances of getting diagnosed by Cancer (according to "reliable sources"- forwarded emails) :P

I want to go to Mexico- where Tomatoes are used the excellent perfect way! I want to try the Mojitos, Nachos, Fajitas, Burritos, Torta, Tortilla, Mexican Chocolate, and definitely, getting at least a shot (I think that's all I can take) of the land's, Tequilla! Would love to celebrate Guadalupe Festival, Day of the Dead and Carnaval- okay maybe not all at the same time. But, uh Guadalupe! Why Mexico? The pretty colours Mexico portray I must say, the smiles, the gorgeous people, the dance, THE FOOD, the FOOD, and yes the food. *blushes*

I'm sorry you'd have to know this. I appreciate you reading my public journal, but well, this is a bit disturbing to know. My menstrual cycle this month, is unusual. Or irregular we call it. It came twice this month. Or was it trice? Because the first one was somewhat a period, too? And the weirdest part is that it's separated within days. It's really strange and really dissapointing to have menstrual strangely frequent, as it restricts me doing certain things of course.

After about three weeks calling my company's customers for a survey, I realized there's one thing to be added in all the Big Shots' job description.

It's :

TRY NOT TO EVER ANSWER ANY PHONE CALLS! Really, most of them did superbly this part, they should get a raise for that wei! I actually got carried away listening to the operator waiting tone which leads to the infamous woman's voice "You have reached the voice mail." For maybe about a million of times at least. And do you know- there are waiting tones that's made up of just plain tut tut tut tut sounds but with a bit of a twist? so hillarious.

I actually am thinking of migrating. But it's definitely not this time around or even so, I am not even at least 4% sure of the idea with the four percent coming from where to start off- Singapore, Thailand, England or even Australia are amongst I thought of. I dont know, the whole idea confuses and scares every part of my body.

After quite a while of forgetting the existence of the entertainment box, I'm back in watching shows that matter. I'm currently obsessed with Amazing Race Asia 2! I love that show because I get a glimpse of other places and the cultures, admire the whole idea of compromising and using each other's strengths and weaknesses in tackling the problems, amazed by the ability to use your instincts and intelligence in a short period of time, on how luck plays a huge role in this game, and last but not least, they're just plain hot.

Teams I (actually) am rooting for:

Those fellas with the checked box are the ones I highly recommend you people to check them out. They're pretty creatures for your eyes to feast on- once in a while. My personal favourite would be the Singaporeans, the guy in the white shirt is mute-dumb but is amazingly strong and intelligent. Respecto! You should check out what kinda person the Indonesian guy is. A mighty fine, sweet, down to earth Physiotherapist, OMG!

I tag:

Denise Chhoa
Kerry Ng
Audreyh Chan
Caroline Chia



Anonymous said…
But, but, but I don't do tags! Haha.

Bah this will be the first one ever :)
Beth said…

That's so cute!!!! I agree with #1 and #2! It's the same for me too!

Hehe will have a go at it whenever I'm free okay?

Muah. Loving you :P
eSTEFania said…
i hate wearing bras all d tym too, wish our boobs will owez look fine without bra, ahaha...
feel u wf d menstrual cycle prob too...

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