12th November 2007 (First day of Intern)

X: Hey, I'm Peeetteeerh.
Me: ........... *had on a thinking face*
X: ....? :)
Me: Did you just say PIZZA?
X: Hahahaha. Peterlah!
Me: OMG. I got freaked out for a second there.

What an excellent first impression Jacqkie. Let them know how blur you can be! *slapshead*

This is the third day of working in Mesiniaga. It has been super slow and very unproductive. I hope by today I can embark on the internal research already. Seriously, these two days were as boring as these sentences you just read.

Life's been great, with Daren by my side; my fragile blood-pumping organ is beating crazily again.

I'm pretty spoilt here. I get coffees every few hours, my other intern friend is feeding me chocolates every morning, my colleagues are seriously nice and lovable, and at most time, all I had to do is sit in front of the computer and browse Facebook. In two months time, I’ll be a huge-arse internet addict.

Wait, I shall be busy by the end of this week. So I shall be a huge-arse only. Oh dear.

Knowing that my public journal has a lot of readers is both great and, scary at times. You can’t really spill everything anymore or even if you do, you have to be responsive of what you wrote. Relevantly responsive!

Oh yeah, to all my friends in Penang, I was in Penang last weekend- Penang Road to be specific, but I had none of you guys’ contact numbers. It was a last minute thing and pictures will be up as soon as I got it.

“Memandu ikut peraturan, jangan ikut perasaan.”- Sounds familiar?


Comments said…
I really agree with you on "ikut peraturan bukan persaan" i kinda learn it the hard ay.
Beth said…
hehe. ;)
ItoMaki said…

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