Ques: What do you call a one week old inseparable couple?

Ans: A Daren and A Jacqkie.

I know this is just the beginning of everything. And dang it, right now, it's seriously the most beautiful, exciting and comfortable state I've been in- I admit. What scares me would be the thoughts of unforseen bumpy road ahead. I freaking know it's normal for a "One-Man Woman" like me to feel that way, that it blardy annoys myself sometimes.

I should give him and myself some slack and not to think too much and to just selflessly drown in-love with each other's company and affection for the time being, because well, that's all that matters. To know and love each other more and more by the second until that big fat wall of challenges grow and then maybe rethink what I just blogged today.

I think he's going to kill me for putting up the pic, either that, or he'll love me more for declaring to the world how obviously happy I am spending most of the days this week with him (*cough-EXTREMELY HAPPY*cough). To know that in such short period of time we're in need of each other- physically (ahem) and emotionally already is just plain,

...sweet, unbelievable and undescribable.

Grey Communications called me last week (OMG, DARN IT!), but I had to turn them down because I've already confirmed a placement with Mesiniaga two weeks ago. I dont really know how to look at this- I'm doing my internship in Subang, maybe about minutes away from seeing him everyday, and this is all happening beyond my control because dang it, only Mesiniaga called me for the internship placement and no other companies did.

Feels like God's a ventriloquist for putting me there and making me do what I have to do- so that I can deal with what I'm having now, without climbing any big fat wall in the infant stage of us.

If you've read my post thoroughly, thanks for noticing the word "love" and bear in mind, it's Daren & mine's definition of Love and not yours or the whole world's. :P

Just so you know Sweetie, I feel like a midget when I'm around you. I should've listen to mummy when I was still a kid when she asked me to drink milk everyday so that I'll grow taller. Darn it! Hahaha! Sorry for the randomness- it's called being HAPPY! *grins*



vvens said…
happy for you!! :)
stay sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Anonymous said…
mich T said…
weee...i'm so happy for you
Beth said…

I love the feeling of love. ;)

Ehem. [noticing the midget line]
Hehe, I so know how that feels!!!

I think it's gonna be fine babe. Stop thinking of that wall, wish it away it won't be there ;)

Hehe. I so wish I get to catch you around one of these days! There's so many things to talk about!!!
sweei said…
Wheeee, damn cutelarh that picture. Nah, he won't marah you. His heart will ache if he does. Whahahah!
Jacqkie! said…
vvens: thanks vvens! I'm happy too!

shaneil devaser: *grins*

mich t: i'm so happy for you too!

beth: BABE, i know darn that midget line! and yeah we so need to catch up with each other! :)

sweei: hahahah! *winks*
eSteFaNia said…
finally, u got d guy..! ;)
hopefully, i cn hv bttr view of hm, ehehehe...x smart lah ni pic ;p

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