Not nice to meet you.

..and I thought I was ignorant.

some people are just unforgivable when it comes to their ignorance. It's frustrating to know that after all that i'm still like that bug on the wall. dude, are you serious? What about the rest? Are you seriously like blind and deaf when you're talking to these people? I suggest the next time you talk to other people the least you could do is pretend you know them, or maybe write down their name on a piece of paper. Seriously. That pisses me off. After all that we've gone through, you do what you do best again: ignore. Enjoy your temporary wind-breeze when all those ants behind you carried you all along.

I'm not surprise if you dont make it far or maybe, disliked by your colleagues that knows you're oh-so-fake. I forgave you that's for sure, I guess you just need to hit it rock-bottom.

On a lighter note.

Things I should really-really internalize in my brain:

a) Hand-cuff your hands and get away from the computer and books for a-while you minx!
b) It’s going to be over soon. Just 3 more days, baby, 3 more days.
c) Stop being so emotional when you’re watching those Raya advertisements will you?!
d) Remember to buy that thing you were looking just now.
e)…and clothes for internship. VERY IMPORTANT.
f) Better fix your communication skills, because if not, you’ll look like a bimbo gurl. It's not funny!
g) Stop saying “Huh?” /“What did you say?” /“Apa?” /“What?” or anything alike because you’re irritating the hell out of everyone! Just put on a smile if you’re not sure what they are saying after three times of them repeating it! (slaps head)
h) …not during internship though. Please ask when you have to!
i) Do not fall asleep when you’re watching a musical. And that means the movie Hairspray when you're going to watch it with your sister in KK. *shakes-head*
j) Stop judging people who judges other people. You can join their club then- if that's the case.
k) Raya is all about the gathering- not about your baby cousins that you can practically throw in the air and chase around!
l) …it’s not about the food either. :( *Gathering Jacqkie- Gathering*
m) Just in case you forgot. Family first, then friends.
n) I'm hotter than I think I am? *makes weird-out face*
o) Get the Lisa Loeb glasses if you like it so much.

Oh, keep it coming yo-keep it coming! :D



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