ME day!

Some suggested your annual day is the day:

a) you should get youself wasted
b) you should get "dis-flowered" or maybe, just maybe
c) dump that pest who've been clinging on to you the past few months (I'd say must be because of the first reason)

I, on the other hand believe that a happy day like your birth-day, should always be spent with the people you love. wasted or not wasted.

It's 2.18am now, so technically my day is officially over. I woke up at 6.10 early in the morning to find tons of messages and missed calls. Ignored it, I smiled by myself and warned myself: that the entire day is entirely up to me and gave my reflection on the mirror a wink*.

Going to a communication symposium on your birthday, spending around 4-5 hours listening to these communication experts "discussing", which I assumed not in English (some of it was WAY too intellectual for me), I admit, it almost killed me. Okay maybe notlar, maybe almost carried me to some very-very-very happy dreamland. If y'know what I mean. *wink*

you know like reading and drinking coffee relaxing in my room back in Sabah kinda dream?

...Anyway, It was only during the lunch time did I realize I better start mingling with these "industry people" as they've mentioned in the previous slides, undergraduates with great communication skills are always tick-ed first. After a couple of introductions, I met a couple of people (apparently they are in the same college-duh), my lecturers which I get to see outside of college- Yahooo! "again", and some young girls I totally forgot their name,

I believe my communication skills is believably-bad :(

Regardless, after some last minute discussion of our own, my friends and I agreed on going to MidValley to have dinner together. After messaging a couple of my friends who weren't there experiencing the slow-death symposium, some even replied with a "happy birthday" wishes instead of the confirmation on coming to join us.


I have a feeling I kind-a reminded them (which includes my brother-DAMN SAD) it's my birthday today instead of asking them to join me. Haha!

Oh well. After spending hours of talking to these people that I get to see everyday which seems never-enough, before they leaved, I hugged them so tight I thank God every minute I spent with them, appreciating I am not wasted at this moment in time and loving their company more than anything else.

Reached home with a really sore feet (18 hours of high-heels okay), my cousin surprised me with a Secret Recipe birthday cake. God really did hear my prayer when I was drooling over some random cake in the car as I havent had a piece of any birthday cake. The cake was so random I didn't even know what I had in mind! I kinda gave up on it on the way home.....

Then *poof* Chocolate (something-something?) cake in front of my laptop! *smiles*

Having been treated really nice like "excusing me for my slow-ness on getting those high-end jokes my friends make all the time"- is damn fun! :P Hahaha.

Besides that: I watched a chick-flick Chuck & Larry (Adam Sandler & Kevin James are the cutest!), had my name doodled all over a paper on the shop's table -NOT ME, had assignments at the back of my mind, really-really lovely presents, great company and more assignments at the back of my mind, I am glad it went the way it did.

OH! and someone complimented me on having "a really nice skin" today. Confused by what she meant, I managed to smiled shyly and thanked her.

That actually contributed 60% to the great day I had yesterday. hahaha. Nola, I'm never that vain!

*nodding* Hahahah!

I am dead exhausted right now. Thank you so much for your wishes, phone-calls, hugs, kisses, presents, concerns, love, worries, everything to anything. Really! You guys made me feel so special todaaaayyyyy!

To Jessica my baby sister: I will be back soon. I love you and when you're done with PMR i'll bring you out (just movies, alcohol and drug free sister-sister time) every night okay! :)



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