I want to pack my whole family to KL

Abang: Do you know that there are two types of drinks?
Me: *makes interested fake face* ...what.
Abang: I'll take Kopi for example. Kopi kurang-manis and kopi....
KENCING MANIS! Hahahahahahahahaha!
Me: *trying hard not to laugh* ....God, you actually make sense.

Me: Mummy, I burned my tongue last night during Steamboat!
Mummy: Okayla bah tuh. You have something to remember it about.
Me: -.-"
Me: Jessy, I cant see clearly in the rain. We're gonnaaaa dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Jessy: You better dont kill us. I haven't eaten Abang's Steamboat yet.
Me: -.-"


If you ever thought I'm a funny girl, maybe through my blog or even knowing me personally, you should really, really meet my family.

My mummy, brother and sissy are like the funniest people around and I just can't get enough of them. Seriously. I'd wake up early in the morning just so that I could spend more time with them and sleep early in the morning just to see them sleep first.

Although I admit I feel like strangling them at times, but it's only because they are just so funny, caring and dang it lovable. I would say my family unit is the best of anything I've ever owned in my life. Period.

We're like some gang or something. You mess with one of us, you're messing with all of us. Cehwah. We stick together all the time, and we actually prefer to hang out with each other more than going out separately. It's as if, we're some good friends who loves chilling out with each other or something. We got the wise (and quite oldlah) one, the wacko menace (...the genius Dr who lose it sometimes- wait ALL THE TIME), we got the blonde and slow (It's hard for me to admit this) one and we got the listener patient one (you can actually talk to my sister about the same thing again and again and she'll stay and STILL answer you even if she's stoned).

Did you know, I sengaja set my brother's huge ass alarm clock at 2.00AM in the morning last Monday? It scared and woke the shit out of him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA. I damn proud of myself man! I dont usually do these suicidal things.

.....and he did the same thing to me the next night. Kurang Asam. I almost had a heart attack while chatting at 2.15AM in the morning.

....and my sister was still sleeping like a baby and wasn't shaken by the alarm at all although we put the clock as near as 10cm to her ear. Ganjillah my sister.

Oh. I've gotten my glasses. and please STOP INCORPORATING MY GLASSES OR ME WITH ANYTHING SEXUAL OR SENSUAL. I teeeelll you, people been telling me I looked like some seductive secretary or even a naughty teacher. Kesian those innocent glasses doh. and innocent me.... aheeeem. *whistles*

Okay, maybe this pose is not so innocent after all.
I damn envy my sister's smile. So sweet and she got dimples!



Beth said…
this post is seriously comelllllll!!!


hey i didnt know you needed glasses!but you look cool no worries. and ive been dying to tell you this.

the resemblance is there you cannot blame me.

Laura Vandervoort (google please!) looks like you, especially when she smiles!!!!!! I'm not saying this the other way around because I know you and I think the fact that she looks like you is weird but cool especially when youve found out who she is hehehe.

love u!
Jacqkie! said…
Beth: Weee. I know, I love my family so much as you can read. Hehe.

I've googled Laura Vandervoort. She doesn't look like me! SHE'S WAY HOTTTTTERR!

and I wonder who she is, as you've mentioned?

-[sweei]- said…
Oklaaa, i won't connect you to anything sexual or sensual...

If it makes you any happier, you look like a bonified lovable nerd. *grins*

Can't wait for you to get your ass back here woman!! Miss you bagai isi dengan kuku, hope it's use correctly in this context. =S

Bring your family tooo!! =)
Beth said…
She's superman's cousin in Smallville-a.k.a Kara.

Seriously, she so reminds me of you! Especially when she smiles ;)
Jacqkie! said…
Sweei: I look like a bonified lovable nerd?! Okay. I accept anything but kinky.

Beth: ah. Okay.Okay. But I still think she's hotter. :S Haha.

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