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I've received alot of stares lately.

I dont even know how to differentiate whether it's the good stare or the bad stare. And this is not even when I'm eating or drinking during bulan Ramadhan!

I. just. dont. know. why.

I feel like Project Phunk has sucked all the energy in my body. I was dragging myself early in the morning during the official launch and looked stoned for an hour or so. I practiced the script. I shook my head and visualized the people that will fill up the auditorium. Daym, I thought!

...Everything was completely worth it! the hundreds of people pouring in, compliments the Phunkers received, the valuable support, the laughters we shared with them, I would't trade it with anything in the world! (...Okay-okay maybe Lots and lots of Margaritas)

Will post up the pictures once I got it. If anything, please click on the Project Phunk's link. Thank you from the bottom of my heart who've helped us so far. Seriously, Thank You.

So, I'll say it's a date with you in Laundry Bar this Tuesday, 25th September? :)

P.S: I still like him. After the stupidity and 'Legally Blonde' trips and stutters, I still go mellow over him. Shiet, I hate myself for that.



Beth said…
legally blonde trips as in that big blonde lady and the fed ex guy?

haha am glad about project phunk!

you did a great job babe!

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