a creature a day!

if an apple a day keeps the doctor away,

then, touch a creature a day, is for betterment i say!

alright, screw my horrible poetic tryout and do not translate it in a one-night-stand whore-ish way, because what i'm trying to say is, i will try my very very best to try to touch no-not only a person's life but a creature's life! a day. yes, i'm not joking. a creature a day.

this may sound weird but i'm nore than just a scary face. just like Earl, in My Name Is Earl, to have a better life I must alwayssss be a better person first.

to begin this cents-less humble engagement, i will begin my day with a smile! it may be abit difficult because i'm a simple-keep to myself chica, but i will try my very best. and it doesnt mean i have to smile to every lads i see, but even small kids is a start? (although i've been doing this my whole life......)

and i have partially-dedicated myself to loving and helping the animals. i used to not to be this loving the Mother Nature "ambassador" around my family and friends, but ever since a couple of years ago, i have been getting myself more involved emotionally and spiritually with God's other creations! *think praying for wounded dogs and freed a butterfly!*

so yeah. there goes my mission. a creature a day! may it be through my blog, my daily conversations, my advices, my assignments?, my songs, my food, my smile, my looks, my money, my pictures, my touch, my help, my behaviour. everything from anything! though it might be slightly impossible to know whether i've touched a creature (or the simpler but also complicated species), the people's life, the fact that i care of trying this, God-knows it's really important to me! :)

on a cuter note.

3 weeks ago.

Me: mum let's go chill out. we go Secret Recipe. Jacqkie in the house!
Mum: what's chillaut? you paying for everything?
Me: yeap. erm, and chill out bah, hang out, means.... eating?
Mum: i like that. okay!

3 weeks later.

Mum: let's go chillaut! kau mau balik KL sudah kan?
Me: how could i resist when mummy say it? let's chillaut-chillaut. *giggles*

isn't my sister the cutest little thing?

very funny the way mummy said it. very funny! i'm going to miss my sister and mum again. apart from not having a car in KL and using your own pocket money, being far from my family is by far the worst part about studying in KL.

big birds gotta fly,


Kibeth said…
alamak vewy vewy cute lah your mummy and sister.

haha chillaut kekekeke ;)

makes you go awww.
~kar~ said…
Why you never chillaut with the rest of the family?
Jacqkie! said…
kibeth: i know!

kar: ya hor. i guess everyone's busy?

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