Oh attraction!

Just like Jason on his last valentine, i have been single for almost a year now too. to be honest with you guys it does feel strange because i've been having boyfriends since i-barely-know-when until last year.

I made one new year's resolution this year and millions more . (yes i still believe in resolutions)

@that no more oh-he-so-sweet-for-doing-that-to-me kinda guy! it's my say now! I should be attracted to him! ....too?

remember those times when all your guyfriends would be asking you to be their boyfriends, and all you can think of are their pros and cons? well, let's just face it, the guy you really want, thinks of you, as just a painkiller-friend (sakit hati, i know). so you'd end up scrapping certain names of your list and decided to say yes to the guy that fulfilled almost all your criteria of what you want in a man.

which were:

a) confessed his love for you face-to-face.
b) sing for you on the phone. (it should be the BSB i think?)
c) plays guitar.
d) ..,and plays guitar?

most of my friends predicted that i'm going to marry a nice down to earth guy and has a Shrek-ky face. Ingrid even joked that my husband would be the one wearing the vell. *looks down* i wasnt sure whether i was against the prediction, because deep inside of me, i really thought i was going to marry someone Shrek-ky too?

yes, i care absolutely nothing about looks. unless...

oh nooo, Betty didnt picked her nose infront of her boyfriend and Quasimodo didnt dance naked infront of Esmeralda right? even the low-self-esteem people knew how to behave. then why are we attracted to bad-ass guys who'd spit on the floor every few seconds? attracttion! attraction! that blardayh attraction!

well, back to what i want to tell you.

I confess, that most of the guys i was in a relationship with was purely because of pity and touched. i was in a way attracted to them, but they're attracted to me more than me to them.

take this for instance, he'd be talking about how beautiful your hair is or how cute you look when you smile or how nice it feels like when you hug him (i bet). you'd be thinking "oh my-this guy really do love me." fullstop.

*cricket sounds*

hm. his eyes are.. good? and he has nice hair? white teeth.. good body? he can be cute sometimes. give and take-he's normallah.*sigh* it goes the same when you're hugging a real hunk but you weren't particularly attracted to his hair and thighs, you have some awesome-crazy-fetish, you would still be in doubts. right?

you get what I mean?

So me and my girlfriends decided we want someone we're really really attracted to. note the want? since we're "realistic people" we dont drool over McSteamy and expect someone exactly like him to show up infront of us with roses right? it's not about his body (it could be......) or his Patrick Dempsey's hair, but how he used all his tools in our eyes. how he flaunt it. how his laugh made us laugh. how his glasses looked so cute on him. how his shirt is 10x bigger than his body. you know?

even Victor Lang from Desperate Housewives looked so good to me. He was charming. even though he did looked abiiiiiiit of a 99year-old to me, but that's the exact word u'd like to use to describe someone you're attracted to. charming. charming? charm-iiinghhhh!
as my mum said; "If you cant be with the one you love, then love the you're with."

Since i'm not with anyone-this goes to you darling Ingrid. i might as well, chill, enjoy the scenery (isn't there suppose to be a 2nd Season of Manhunt?!), and theeeeennn jump on someone i'm attracted to. right?

*giggle to myself* boy! like that's ever gonna happen.



Kibeth said…
hehhe, this is post is so sweet. cute in a very jacqkie kinda way.

and all i can do is raise up my hand and say "I CANNOT AGREE MORE!!!"

the guy has been MIA for weeks now, and the thing is, he wasnt even MY guy to start off with.

so single it is then! until. when?

haha. miss you love!
ItoMaki said…
Interesting journal entry. You've thought a lot about this I can see. But if it were up to me, I'd be very careful about the guys I date. I mean if it's good to play around with everyone, like my mom says (???), but you really have to think before you move to the next step, when you're expected to make a commitment? Are you willing? Is he willing? That kinda thing. And yes, I feel I MUST be attracted to this guy, and not for superficial reasons, like his looks or his wealth or for popularity an' stuff. So I guess I'll be single for a while 8D.

Where's the perfect guy when you need him? T_T

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