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New Ventures

Just lately, I've been feeling extra passionate about venturing into home stays/ lodges - basically something like long stays and cheaper alternatives for tourists and backpackers here in Kota Kinabalu. 
Today my brother told me that one lodge right smack in the city is planning to sell it's lease and change management (however the terms are). The funny thing is, sometimes I don't think I'd even want to own it myself (having the highest profit margin, making the most says etc etc), I only want to... manage it, bring businesses in, network and introduce Sabah as well as the lodge as an alternative stay and even to assist the visitors on how to maximize their time here in Kota Kinabalu. 
Ever since I've been in the service, hospitality and tourism industry I've only loved it so much, and known about it so much more. And because Kota Kinabalu has the biggest potential to expand, with at least 2 premier tourist events in a month, I can only imagine that it's g…

The Great Ocean Road

Ah, The Great Ocean Road. That's a relief of a good memory right there. 
A truly must visit when you're in Melbourne. I try not to use words that are well clearly overused when describing a place, but The Great Ocean Road is seriously, like no other. 
And there is really a beautiful story behind this amazing road. The Great Ocean Road has been rewarded an Australian National Heritage with 243-Kilometres stretch of a road along the south-eastern coast of Australian between the Victorian Cities of Torquay and Warnambool,  Built by ex soldiers from the World War 1 as a war memorial (the biggest one in the world to date), it is have said that the soldiers were summoned to build the road in honour of their fellowmates who didn't make it through the war and also to give the returned soldiers "proper" jobs. So they did, with a few shillings a day for over two decades. 
The whole stretch of The Great Ocean Road is picturesque, like a flawless painting. Just look at the pict…

Manila City (Intro)

At 12 noon over the hustle and bustle of the colorful traffic when I just reached as I walk around the Ermita Street (also) trying to eavesdrop the few tagalongs words that I could, a kid, maybe around 4, sneaked up at me from behind, possibly saw me from a mile away in my obvious as a sore thumb touristy outfit, he reached his right hand out to me in a scoop like position, dark brown dry skin, big brown eyes, unidentified gender freckled and dirtied from the sun and the smoke, long untrimmed musky hair, shoeless feet, torn sleeves, muddied shorts, not a frown, not even an expression, he looked at me and looked back at three more of his possibly friends of the same fate he made from the streets (about a block away), a practice he'd do every second, and after nearly 10 seconds of softly nudging me (while I could do was pray and evidently ignoring him) he finally ran off somewhere else and left me. There was no sigh of sadness, no anger, let alone giggles, it was as if that was a j…