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Seoul, Korea

Whenever someone asks me about Seoul, I am brought back to this one particular scene; 6 adults squeezed together in a really small table, the square table has somehow shaped us to a circle, edges blurred, knees touching, where none of us were Korean, a series of “odd-looking” foods were slowly introduced to the table, the giggling of the Thai girls at the sight of the moving, living octopus were infectious.

Now let me start off with this really bold statement, Seoul is the best foreign city I’ve ever been in. I love everything Seoul has to offer. The amazing people, the rich preserved culture in a huge city, the shopping, the travelling convenience are just a few reasons why I love this place so much. Everytime someone asks me about where’s the best city I’ve ever been in – I would answer Seoul, hands down.
This trip was immediately right after Hong Kong. Like I said in my previous post, thanks to the miscommunication between me and Suay (because of Rain), 

We flew to Incheon, Seoul a f…