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Why there is such thing as living WITH regrets

Just two weeks ago, I talked to my colleagues about leaving my promising career to be with my 56 year old mother. I’m usually a happy going person, I remote all negativities or pessimism to myself so I figured some of my colleagues and friends who were shocked (totally unexpecting) to hear me leaving, deserved some sort of explanation. About a year ago, on a normal Monday morning, while friends were facing Monday blues, mum called me up to casually tell me that doctors found a lump on her left breast and that it needed to be surgically removed, soon, and that it was malignant. Life changed ever since. I was in the department alone, and work was piling up so demandingly. The moment I stepped into the office, I hear people calling me for short meetings, long meetings, emails pour in every few seconds and once I’m out from the office, I get phone calls, meeting calls. There was no time for a breather. Which I was immune to, but life turned completely upside down after that morning call f…