One random Thursday night @ KL Journal

Sway and I were on Skype when we were talking about celebrating our birthdays together. Now that we're both working, I thought it was only cool that I booked a stay in one of the decent hotels in KL.

And then we decided to make it a both of our thing. For our birthdays of course! We decided to choose between one of those 4 stars hotel that's right smack in town with buffet breakfasts 😋

So we booked KL Journal Hotel.

It's only 5 minutes walk to Lot 10, you could see it from the hotel and about 10 minutes from Jalan Alor (food heaven) and Changkat (Pubs heaven?). It was also because we wanted to eat dinner at Joloko the next day (which is right smack in KL city) that we decided to stay in KL city itself.

KL Journal was a quirky, high rise, right next to the HSBC building downtown with the most vibrant swimming area. I say area because while the pool was fairly small, the drinks, bar and chill area were quite big. It could accommodate maybe up to 200 pax? and absolutely colorful! There were neon LED lights and had rattan chairs.

There was a tropical mix to it, with all the palm leaves and plants. In fact, the swimming pool has its own persona - called The Swimming Club. All these reminded me of the Life of Pi, whose uncle's favorite pool was in France called The Piscine (which he was later named after).

One word - quirky!

Beyond the pool area, the rooms were simple, practical, and the weirdest part was to have a standard room with one queen bed and one single bed. A standard room for 3? When we first booked Sway and I were wondering who is to sleep in which bed 😁

Kerr joined us later after we really confirmed that it was a queen bed + 1 single bed.. YAY!! We took some time to walk to Changkat and had free drinks because it was Ladies' night! #TrustKerryForFreeDrinks

The next day...


Sway and I were so excited about our breakfasts, that THAT was all we talked about the night before! 😝 "What you gonna eat?" "Poached eggs" "You think they got eggs benedict?" "Sure got!!" Zzzzzz and then we fall asleep.

After breakfast, we went for a swim. It was a beautiful view overlooking KL city with Lot 10 to our left and a giant HSBC building next to us, which I kept telling Sway, I think the workers from the office have seen ours arses and vs.

And she was like, yup fo sho.

Ugh, sky-crappers. 

After the swim, we went for lunch at Pavillion with Kers who went to work. I absolutely loved the afternoon walk to Pavillion, KL city is so vibrant and diverse in all ways. I even met an old friend I used to work with on the streets in the junction between Pavillion and Lot 10 despite the hundreds.


We had to dash to our next appointment which was a cheap massage from Fave 😁We booked it with the Rub Bar only to realise - that our dinner place is literally right around the corner to our massage parlor 😳

Oh well! We went back to the hotel to clean up, and then go back there for dinner.

And then our dinner.

That was such a fun 24 hours I would do it all over again. I absolutely loved the random Thursday stay with Sway. We hugged each other goodbye after dinner and wished birthdays. Thank you for always amusing me, and spending time to do absurd things with me.

Happy belated birthday and again my love!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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