Spring/Summer '17 in Melbourne

Was it Spring or Summer? Actually, I'm not sure anymore.

I don't quite know how to appreciate the different seasons since it's always sunny here in Malaysia, and even when I visit other countries, I always choose to travel during Spring or Summer.

Except for Japan. I became swollen from the cold (God knows how this is possible) so I'm not going to risk another swollen me.

But last November, my best friends and I coincided on Melbourne (Denise's wedding) for our annual (or lately, once in a few years) girls' trip. Cause you know, busy with life 😡

BUT OH GOSH, Spring/ Summer in a place really makes the difference!!

We could just go out as and when, sleep on the grass, drink up on a summer's night, walk the town, and dress freely and beautifully. I couldn't imagine we could so in a cold winter night?! Urgh, the jackets and scarves.


It is the most legit Spring/Summer when you could spend some time outdoor or in the park. When I first arrived, Auds and I wanted to spend sometime outside and we went to a park near a hospital (can't remember where or name).

Right across the field were a bunch of guys playing football which were great for eye candies, but more than not I was paranoid about the ball hitting right through our faces.


In the evening, we decided to meet the gang who are currently living in Melbourne after their working hours. It was really good to enjoy some beers and burgers talking about our youth, how good and bad they may be 😅 Of course, and our future plans.

Alfresco dining

Over the days that Swei and Ker finally joined us, we did even more random stuff. We walked the entire Melbourne because hello?? good weather?? Walked into the YES parade, that very day Australia voted for same sex marriage.

What a time to be in Australia! We were so lucky!

We had free hotdogs and met these really cool people along the walk. I loved the entire vibe of the walk of course, there were so much love and fun, you see everyone enjoying themselves.

We even extended the night in a club were all were out partying

After the walk, and conveniently getting free hotdogs and barbecues, we walked up further for aperitifs or in simpler terms, drinks before food. At 5pm! OH YIS 😝

Girls and I are always up for drinks. Since we're adults that way 😋
And having drinks in the Spring/Summer calls for al fresco dining.

It's almost preposterous not to dine outside in good weathers.

Why would you stay indoors? Why? 

Bloated and fleetingly drunk. It was one of the best times of our lives. It was so good, that right after that, we went out to get ice cream in the freezing rain, again.

Summer drinks 

In one of those nights when we wanted to "hit the club", we decided to roam the streets first and look  out for the ones that looked vibrant from the outside.

There was one (we only needed one) in particular that caught our eyes. Neon bright lights from the outside, there was an al fresco area (must. hang. out. outside) and when we went up it looked even more lit than from the streets.

Obviously we didn't club, because one bar took almost our entire night. After a couple of drinks, we wanted to go to another one, which was another ridiculous story. We walked blocks and blocks of Melbourne, only to later realize that the second bar was RIGHT. BEHIND. OUR. HOTEL.


The bartender was gorge according to auds, but more importantly they worked up pretty awesome drinks.


While I did say Spring and Summer, when we arrived at the beach it was RAINING! We had to run to a restaurant, and get ourselves another drink (hehehhe) and some chips. We enjoyed some ice cream prior to that, but really would have been great to chill by the beach.

Next time rain. Next time.

And more drinks! 😉

Besides the one day rain in the beach, Spring/Summer in Melbourne was super delightful. Great weather, parks, drinks, the list goes on. Most importantly, the huddled around fish and chips reminded how lucky I am to have so much love from the three.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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