Karaoke on a Night Cruise!

You gotta say yes to Karaoke. Gotta! 

In my attempt to spice up my weeknights, I said YES to a karaoke on a Wednesday night but ... this time WITH A TWIST. My Wednesday's karaoke sesh was to be organised on a CRUISE.


The North Borneo Cruise, the same guys who I got on board on for my sister's awesome sunset cruise birthday,  came up with another legit thing to party and celebrate any occasions on A NIGHT CRUISE. With Karaoke no less Sabahans 👐👐

Read more of our sunset cruise here 

The cruise departed at 8pm, and is a 2 hour cruise along KK's waterfront esplanade area. Kota Kinabalu city is so beautiful at night, I have seen many skylines around the world, but nothing truly like your own home's 💖

And very dear to me too, because I have always looked out to the sea from the land lol, so it's quite amusing to be on the sea looking out on the land instead heh.

We walked into this luxurious comfy lounge, fitting of up to 20 people with this intricate local designs on top with built in sofas around the room. Much like the fancy lounge I'm sure you are familiar with, but you're at the SEA

I usually have no problems choosing the first song......... BUT super shy that night *_*
We get to choose from thousands of songs, old and new, English or not through their song system.

One of the cutest thing they did was when the attendants of the cruise broke a dance right in front of waterfront. We were like waaaaa - that's so cute!

*still busy karaokeing with Maz* 

OK like no more shy towards the end of the evening. Maz's choices of songs are sooooo cute and she's got such an amazing voice!

I think it's perfect for a birthday celebration, hens night, VIP parties, or any kind of parties or celebrations you'd like to have on board (literally). They also have happy hours which halve the prices for drinks, with a special rate of RM 30 per bucket 💃💃💃

Prices vary from below 12 pax RM 999+ with cordial drink, 1 bucket of beer and snacks. RM 1288+ for 12 to 16 pax with cordial drink, 2 buckets of beer and snacks and RM 1688+ for between 17 to 20 pax with cordial drink, 3 buckets of beer and snacks.

Anyway, I'm sure they can work something out for you for any arrangements 😏

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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