De & Luke's Wedding at Lyrebird Falls

I promised myself I wasn't gonna sound like an alcoholic. But urm there were lots to drink on De's wedding! I never got buzzed as early as that and it was only 5pm. I was quite close to trashing myself #notproud

Thank heavens uncle started talking to us, or I wouldn't have stopped! It's too easy... Champagnes, wines, whiskey circling around and coming back at you every 5 minutes. I think that's what your best friend's wedding does to you. It puts you into a whirlwind of perspective. Whatever that perspective was. So I kept drinking!!

Luke was absolutely adorable waiting on De at the aisle 💖💖💖

And when De finally arrived, she looked absolutely beautiful 💘 The four of us started tearing up looking at the De. Sway and I started clenching our hands, cause she was the beautiful bride a year ago. How far have so many of us come..

It was a small ceremony of probably less than 10 tables. The four of us enjoyed the party so much, mostly chatting, (drinking) and catching up with De's family. Zabeedee sat next to us, while his wife Jo as one of the bridesmaid sat at the main table, quite funny to be separated but it was still so much fun!

It was an absolutely beautiful affair of set dinners, elaborated table setups, dessert buffet - but it was also our first time in a truly western wedding. So the dessert buffet, and some dancing cut short in between was a first time to the four of us 😁😁

Halfway through the dinner, uncle went to our table and asked, "did you take the pork?? or the fish??" the dishes were served alternately so while I got the fish, Swee got the pork.


We also went out and took lots of photos from the photobooth. I MEAN. There were barely anyone, and we've traveled so far so we were gonna take lots of photos!!

Congratulations my love Denise and Luke!

May you will be filled with only love, kindness and compassion towards one another. We will always be around for you.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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