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Walking around Shanghai - Pt 2

Not quite sure how many parts I have to my Shanghai posts 😂😂, because I have lost track of the timeline, and the schedules of my postings. HEHE

Anyway, I combined these posts of the two days that I had the pleasure to walk around Shanghai. First day, after the wedding together with the whole gang. Second when we were going back home.

The weather was perfect 😉😉 Aaaaaand I almost broke my neck looking at the buildings. Am I the only one that's appreciating these buildings?? I wanted to lay down face up on the floor looking at these buildings and make stories out of it. Imagining them come alive when everyone else is sleeping.

That day we saw the Pope by chance

So mum wanted to go to Rome and Vatican since the longest time. You know, being Catholic and stuff. So like all of our itineraries, I planned everything myself. I would usually ask mum for her feedback, like what she'd really like to see, or Jessy what she'd really like to experience. Mum said Rome and Vatican and Jessy said food and also Vatican.

While I was sorting out our itinerary, we don't usually follow the itinerary through and through, there are days when we completely skip the entire thing, and because I am usually the ONLY person who knows exactly what we've planned - both of them wouldn't be able to tell if we had missed anything 🙊🙈🙉

So anyway, we were trying to decide when to go to Vatican, which was supposed to be after Venice. Look, this is crucial because we're buying the tickets online, tip: you should always buy the tickets online, the queue can be a bitch, so any purchases made online are non-refundable and just a matter of claiming it via…

A day's out in Venice in Spring Summer

I have hundreds of photos of Venice but very few make it to daylight...............


Anyway, while I was updating my 2016 in pictures and seeing the photos of Venice reminded me of that lovely day out in town with Allesandro, our airbnb's owner's friend. Minus the fact that there were three of us ladies trailing him around, it would probably be a romantic walk for any for that matter. 
Venice in, spring / summer is so beautiful.... 😍😍

We went out sometime around 10am, a habit we cultivated over the years of appreciating what a good holiday meant. Some sleep in. It took us about 20 minutes from the countryside to reach town, and was then welcomed by the young kindred. 
He promised to bring us into the heart of Venice, into the alleys and cobblestones of this small but beautiful canal city. From the main piazza, to the hidden gems of old settlements. Which we did. To the canals, the ever so famous canals, to the esplanade off we went. With the singing go…

Highlights of 2016 in Pictures

Hey guys,

I wanted to do a travel video like the cool person I am but our computer are not in talking terms with the keyboard, so the plan failed 😭😭

So now, I'm just posting photos as below.

When I skipped my brother’s engagement for a much earlier planned friend’s wedding in KL
(😭😭😭😭 Yes I am a terrible sister)

So out of extreme guilt I helped did their engagement decoration 😭😭😭

And then eventually celebrated the Chinese New Year over a SLUMBER PARTY! 

Went for a high school reunion, look! Sisters!

Company outing with these guys

Sorry, I meant these guys ^

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Went to Bangkok with BFF for Stephie’s Bachelorette PARTAYYYYY 🎉
(Got conned, free unlimited alcohol in the process and lots of food court)

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Continued the trip with my little girl, Jessy to Pattaya (They were FREE stays!) 💅💅

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