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My October Month

One of the most important thing that has happened to me this year, is self awareness.

This is going to sound like self help, but if you're in your late 20s and need some (any) inspiration, you might just enjoy this.

After all, I am 20 something as well.
With similar if not with the same dreams as you.

This will sound like a broken record, but the past few months have been very difficult. I cannot reiterate enough. Both physically and mentally. I went through severe stress, which I knew was so severe because my body would literally shake in pain in the middle of the night. I know my day would dive to shit-hole the moment I wake up with a severe head pain, mainly due to overthinking.

One of the most vivid times were when I begged myself to sleep because I have another long day the next morning and I needed to be up early. Rewind to a few years ago, I would only take this as stress and continue my life again. But this year, I fully embraced it and acknowledged it. 

I went down the s…

Bario Day 2 of misadventures and a looooooooooong walk

The guilt of doing nothing was getting to us.

On the second day, we decided to embark on a walking trip to Bario’s famous salt trail. Now that I think about it, I wasn’t sure why we were so ascertain that walking around Bario was the right thing to do. Probably because everyone around us kept talking about how near in walking distance some places were.
We started the day fairly early, around 9am? After a delicious breakfast, we started our walk towards town but were flagged halfway through by Felicity who offered us a ride. We had been ambitious enough to wanting to walk, but thought we had the whole day to take it slow so we said yes.  
Upon reaching town, I rejoiced and rushed towards their town-hall that was supposed to be the only place in Bario to have internet connection. I WAS SO EXCITED. I started registering and logging into the government portal, and by the time I got connected, a string of beeps and notifications from work and random groups started ringing. After the 50th …

The Old Town Jiufen + Yehliu Geological Park + Shiufen

This beautiful town leaves an odd mark in our Taiwan trip. 
For starters, we decided to kick off the leg of our Taiwan trip by heading straight to Jiufen from the airport. With little to no expectations, we were heading straight to an old sleepy town we know very little of. We were going to stay in Taiwan for about 9 - 10 days, and we decided to start it with Jiufen. 
Honestly, I don't know much about this place, except from pictures and was first introduced to it by Yuen. It's a hilly old gold and charcoal mining town, now mostly big on tourism thanks to its scenic routes. It is very breathtaking. Every drive, crooks and crannies will leave you breathless. 
Thanks to the many climbs, some moments, leave you breathless a little longer than it should 😅

It's an alley town. Lots of alleys to drive into and out of, and some alleys are really small. Like, suspiciously small for cars and vans.... 

Bario Day 1

Who has seen my long ass Instagram post? 😂 This is gonna be an even longer version of it but it will be informative so bear with me 😉 You can start with my Introductory post to Bario from here. 

We were shared that there are only two main ways to access Bario; 

1) Flight via Mas Wings from Miri (Only from Miri, so you'd have to fly to Miri first)
2) Drive for 10 to 12 hours from Miri

The 10 - 12 hours drive is apparently a treacherous one, where you must use a 4WD to go through. I know someone who has done it, and in some cases you'd have to sleep on the road / camp along the forest. Imagine - you are going to a forest in the HIGHLANDS. Initially I wanted to do this to save cost, but who am I kidding, I was coming alone and I wasn't so sure whether it would be a safe idea.

I am quite savage, but that seemed like too epic even for me.

Turns out, I wasn't gonna come alone. Yuen decided to come to Bario with me!!!

The flight was an adventure itself no less. 

It was a …

Coldplay Concert in Taipei, Taiwan

TODAY I feel like updating on one of the most awesome night of my life. It's one of those episode where kind strangers meet shameless Jacqkie, making up a truly awesome ride.

It's typical of my life really 😂 so here goes.


A couple of months ago, the entire world, or maybe South East Asia was in shackles knowing that Coldplay was coming their way to this part of the world. Somehow or rather, Malaysia was not part of the list as metropolitan Kuala Lumpur usually would................

The world tour for South East Asia would encompass Manila, South Korea, Tokyo and Singapore to name a few. Most Malaysians (from Kuala Lumpur mainly due to the accessibility) naturally gravitated and had plans to catch Coldplay in Singapore....... little did they know, or maybe we did we ALL know and didn't expect, that there would be a blood bath.

I LOVE COLDPLAY. I've listened to them since I was a kid, and their songs have saved my life many times, so I'm not going through t…

Gloomy Episode, House Pt 1

Had to get a lot off my chest lately.
The couple of weeks have been very painful for me, mainly because of stress. 
None of that ex-boyfriend BS, nor loneliness (possibly – but right now I’m certain that it’s mainly due to stress). It’s a broken record I know and that every other week is a story of “how much I have to do” blab bla bla that I try to NOT say those words when I’m with my friends or family. Even I get sick and tired of myself. But alas, complaining is too easy. (So I do it again so casually like drinking water). FML.
So the past few weeks have been one of the worst. And I’m writing it down, and telling everyone especially myself.

I am building a house from scratch
This was the main bane of this episode in my life.
I would love to share with you the happy pictures of before and after like the Astro home channels do, but that wasn’t the complete truth. I struggled.
Not renovation, nor extension. I am BUILDING an actual house from scratch, brick and mortar.

This wasn’t the game The…

Kota Kinabalu sunset cruise

A couple of years ago, we "gifted" mum a sunset cruise as a retirement present. It was in a form of a printed voucher hehehehe. A couple of years later, it still didn't happen and my sister wanted to do one now for her birthday.

Many amazing sunsets missed later, we finally chose a date (and a lucky promotional rate from the North Borneo Cruise) to go on board and one to finally coincide with Jessica's birthday.

Of course, that would mean, weather. And like most things, you can't control it. Days before our actual cruise we didn't want to think so much about it, but of course it was lingering in our minds. There is not one without drama of course, the whole week was forecasted to have thunderstorms and rain 😖

There was only one way, Let Go and Let God. Only time I try to wear sunglasses.

But that was the only timing to fit Jessy's birthday, and we only know the North Borneo Cruise that hosts sunset cruises, I understand many do this as well but they we…

Start 2.0

A couple of years ago, if you would say I’d be out there trying to understand the other half of the population and whatever their… (to say the least) intentions are but in general what “THEY ARE”, girl I’d be rolling on the floor laughing at you while eating my bread in my sweatshirt with my cats eating off of me.

Because truth is.
I would never see it coming.
And truly, genuinely, I NEVER CARED 💤💤💤
Today, I am laughing at all the things I’m learning in this department of my life, EVERY SINGLE THING. A couple of years ago when I found myself back to square one after a relatively long one, with its twirls and forth, among the first thing I did was, bought a cat cage.
This post is about one “modern” woman’s topsy turvy and hilarious outlook in this part of her life, okay – (going back to first person’s point of view), about MY I don’t even want to say it… but yes DATING life. I went straight into a serious one after high school so my entire young adult was zappe…

Heart of Borneo - The lost world of Bario

A few months ago, I wanted to set out on a rugged Borneo trip which would encompass the east coast of Sabah - from Tawau, Lahad Datu to Sarawak's Bario.

This came with a graphic plan of having to camp in the forest and sleep in the bus for a 12 hours treacherous ride.

Initially my goal was very simple. To do a Borneo trip. 

Wedding in the Family

If I had not known my brother and wife Anastasia, I would think that their wedding was the most beautiful I've ever experienced 😍

But because I know them, it became 10x more beautiful 😌

Because I knew their stories, I danced carefree, I revel in their pursuit to start a family, I took part in the process, and because I know I will grow with them.

^Screengrab of the actual day wedding day

Walking around Shanghai - Pt 2

Not quite sure how many parts I have to my Shanghai posts 😂😂, because I have lost track of the timeline, and the schedules of my postings. HEHE

Anyway, I combined these posts of the two days that I had the pleasure to walk around Shanghai. First day, after the wedding together with the whole gang. Second when we were going back home.

The weather was perfect 😉😉 Aaaaaand I almost broke my neck looking at the buildings. Am I the only one that's appreciating these buildings?? I wanted to lay down face up on the floor looking at these buildings and make stories out of it. Imagining them come alive when everyone else is sleeping.

That day we saw the Pope by chance

So mum wanted to go to Rome and Vatican since the longest time. You know, being Catholic and stuff. So like all of our itineraries, I planned everything myself. I would usually ask mum for her feedback, like what she'd really like to see, or Jessy what she'd really like to experience. Mum said Rome and Vatican and Jessy said food and also Vatican.

While I was sorting out our itinerary, we don't usually follow the itinerary through and through, there are days when we completely skip the entire thing, and because I am usually the ONLY person who knows exactly what we've planned - both of them wouldn't be able to tell if we had missed anything 🙊🙈🙉

So anyway, we were trying to decide when to go to Vatican, which was supposed to be after Venice. Look, this is crucial because we're buying the tickets online, tip: you should always buy the tickets online, the queue can be a bitch, so any purchases made online are non-refundable and just a matter of claiming it via…

A day's out in Venice in Spring Summer

I have hundreds of photos of Venice but very few make it to daylight...............


Anyway, while I was updating my 2016 in pictures and seeing the photos of Venice reminded me of that lovely day out in town with Allesandro, our airbnb's owner's friend. Minus the fact that there were three of us ladies trailing him around, it would probably be a romantic walk for any for that matter. 
Venice in, spring / summer is so beautiful.... 😍😍

We went out sometime around 10am, a habit we cultivated over the years of appreciating what a good holiday meant. Some sleep in. It took us about 20 minutes from the countryside to reach town, and was then welcomed by the young kindred. 
He promised to bring us into the heart of Venice, into the alleys and cobblestones of this small but beautiful canal city. From the main piazza, to the hidden gems of old settlements. Which we did. To the canals, the ever so famous canals, to the esplanade off we went. With the singing go…