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Now that I’m older, and presumably wiser, I have built my own opinions on a lot of things and another, style. Most times I am either clad in a simple top with dark pants, pearl earrings and my famous string bag pack. Other times you’ll see me donning something sweeter, mostly in white, I like the clean, crisp and casual feel of a white shirt / top.

Perks of traveling around the world is seeing a lot of interesting things, learning new stuff and eventually exploring new ideas. Food, architecture, people and fashion to name a few are the things that I truly love to observe. I picked up so many new ways of fashioning myself throughout my travels; scarves, bracelets, anklets and a little bit of everything else to mix and match. My style is a cross of bohemian, sweet (pearls, braided long hair) and just chilled.

(unless I'm in the office 9 -6, then, I am in my monkey suit)

This is a rare post of me talking about the ladies fashion around the world that I’ve come across with, but rare is a good thing! I am not always particularly on the lookout when it comes to fashion, but something about some destinations that scream attention and fascination.

From Bali, to Paris, to Venice to Burma. Style and fashion transcends all borders, all ages, all religions and definitely all races. These are some of the interesting things that caught my eye (and that I manage to take photos of!)


Melbourne... is an interesting place.

It's a city truly best described as "melting pot". It's a blend of Pan Asia and Europe and is always upping the notch in its fashion, cafes, restaurants arts and more. I remember a street filled with Greek food, row after row, another with English and another with Asian. It's also one of the place that I discovered world's best Eggs Benedict, that no other could. *salivating

Melbourne's Hosier Lane is famous for its graffiti. I saw one wall that truly reflect the women of today, and I couldn't help but capture the strength but gentleness of women in this photo.

This probably had other layers of meaning, what do you think this meant?

I was walking around the streets of Melbourne with Yuen, after a visit of one of the flea market around the corner when we stumbled upon this interesting shop selling all kinds of knick knacks. They had antiques, thrift clothes, vintage furniture and these interesting glasses.

It's so funky and hip, I don't think you'd see me wearing these anywhere around the street where I live at home, but Coachella and in some other free spirited concerts maybe lol.

Ladies, if sun rays are no issue, and fashion is a statement.
Then do it!


All the cities I've visited are fascinating.

Colorful, detailed and has its own unique charms. But nothing, truly quite like Istanbul. The smell of teas, the intricate details in its soft pashminas and last but not least the gorgeous ladies and gentlemen. Located right in between Europe and Asia (Arab), it is no wonder that the most beautiful people in the world come from Turkey/ Istanbul, imagine the mish mash of culture!

Colours are everything in Istanbul, Turkey.

The historical sites, museums and holy places require us to don a headscarf for respect purposes. They gave this soft, plain blue headscarf which was so soft I almost wanted to use it as blanket all over my face lol.


I don't swing that way, but when I first come to Bali I was so fascinated by Balinese women you have no idea! To me, they exude this amazing natural sexiness. 

I like their brown skin (islanders skin we call it), their curvaceous body, and their dark black hair, and they always have these frangipani flowers decorated around their hair, it's SO gorgeous. 

I even bought a painting that depict the modern Balinese women because I was truly fascinated by them. This is how I always remember Balinese women as: 

Burma, Myanmar 

The first impression of the women / ladies in Burma when I first arrived was; they're so small!

Mostly covered in gold shimmers or gold linings, the materials used by the ladies in Burma are so fine, detailed and essentially beautiful.

I saw this procession when I was visiting Schwedagon and quickly snapped the beautiful ladies in their traditional costumes, modernised one way or another.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Before I flew to Siem Reap, Chris kept telling me to buy one of those "cement bags laptop bag". I wasn't sure what he meant by that, and even when we first arrived in Siem Reap .. I didn't see any thing that would resemble what Chris meant. 

Took me a few days later.. to realised that the "cement bags" that he meant was ACTUAL CEMENT BAGS from the factories or industries that have transformed or evolved to all kinds of bags and pouches. WHAAA - so cool. 

So we took the matters into our own hands, learned and made our own ladies fashion cement bags!! I felt so happy that we could contribute to the community and make our own! 

Also great bonding activity with the mum and sister :) 

How cool is this. We eventually had each of our own version of fashion cement bags, bagpacks. They're sturdy, and practical!

Kota Kinabalu, Gaya Street 

How could I miss the fashion at home!

My friend Stephie and I started this project a few years ago, called Borneo Street Wear, but is collecting dust because we have got no time to run it. (and unfortunately I've got not much photos).

Growing independently, having its own style community, tribal and excude ethnic vibe most of the time, fashion at home is still the best in the world. This yearlong tropical weather is perfect for casual shirts in beads, or stylish dresses in long necklace.

It's pretty awesome to be able to travel the world and pick a little bit of everything from everywhere. I have my own set of style now - but thanks to my travels I feel like I could improvise easily with all these inspirations!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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