Saturday, November 19, 2016

Just trying out the new emojis!! / Also, being adult these days

12 years later on blogger, finally I've got emojis to play with!


I've been a loyal user of this platform, not because there are no other better platforms to use... but rather because I'm too lazy to change the entire thing. It has gone through numerous breakups, facelifts, templates, enhancement .. from a fun thing, to "I have now gone to not being able to live without" this space thing.

See, I talk a lot.
I think a lot too.

Sometimes I need to contain myself from talking so much about what I think.
So I learn to describe things better in words, I write, throughout the years, throughout the lives.

And when everything changes, this space hasn't.

I still bear a lot of honesty, a lot of truth, a lot of me in this space. *hugs my blog*

And I work a lot. Monday - Sunday, sometimes even up to 18 hours a day 😔 Writing is my past time, that no one can PAY me. I mean yes, you can pay me for brand write ups and content marketing *hint*, but my life and all its honesty that I share here have no price to it 💖

These days, I'm still busy traveling mostly for work, keeping my job to heart, and my past times closer. My social life has gone down the drain, because all I ever do is work, go home, watch SATC (which has saved my mental health), sometimes listen to music depending on what savage or emo mood I'm in and play with my cats 👇👇. AT BEST - eat dinner / chill with some friends, but even that once in a very, very blue moon.

Which is far more valuable really 💓


Even my cats are getting more action................................ 😒😒😒😒

I like to be by myself these days. Or rather I have no choice since everyone (I like to hangout with) is also so busy 😂 And I'm always on the move 😏😏

The gang that have always loved me.

That night Jessy and I decide to spend RM 150 for a night run, which really we thought was mostly for the concert after - featuring a few Korean megastars (wasn't sure how to feel about these, I did danced 💃💃 and walao they had lots of fans), Sonaone !!! 💓💓💓 and Taboo. My initial objective was to catch Yuna for the concert, the run though was a decoy for us to exercise which was excellent I get to bond with my sister too, but Yuna only came for the pre-run (which I missed, went to Swee's wedding) so Sonaone came.

Just aint the same no more. Just aint the same no more 💃💃

And if I'm not in KK, I'm in my second home taken care by the LOVELIEST, SWEETEST Kee. She makes Sandakan my second home, treating me to the best places for lunch, dinner, and most importantly, giving me the company she thought I'd always needed 😙

But I'm always fine eating by myself 😂 I love the peace I have with my own thoughts.
And the no judgement on my choices of breakfast.

Like eating cheese with my chocolate croissant.

Otherwise, I'm busy helping with the flowers.

Which really harnesses my creative side 😉😜😵

Okaylah I didn't use much emojis also la hehehehe . Words still > emojis  🙌🙌

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

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