Thank you Tho

Dear Tho,

Thank you for having me in Hanoi, and for taking care of me within the few hours that I stepped onto Hanoi. Thank you for introducing to me the wonders of Vietnam cuisines, welcoming some of the most amazing culinary experiences I've ever had into my life. Now I can't wait to experiment and try to make my own Vietnamese cuisines (they seem quite easy but who am I kidding!!).

Thank you for navigating me through some of the oldest alleys, into the beautiful colourful buzzing streets of Hanoi and for inviting me to have meals with you in the most awkward positions I've ever been in. Knee to knee, elbow to elbow on one of the smallest tool I've sat on with monoxide blowing to my face. Ah, life is very good :)

I have never lived enough, the least, till I did all of that. Thank you again. xxx 

Thank you for introducing me to each and every one of the dish we've explored together. You were so FUNNY, patient, kind and obviously knowledgeable about everything. For taking the time to explain the differences between each dish, the textures, the methods, to relate with me to some of the dishes back home, the type of ingredients, and for hilariously answering my silly questions about everything. About the food, Hanoi's history and so forth. I had so much laughs and learned so much from you.

Thank you for opening your heart and some parts of your life to me, about your turmoil past. From seeing your parents drift away, to being abducted to hunger strikes. My life is no where close to that much of a drama you've had to endure, and the way you looked at life... is so fascinating! As you take the time to inch day by day in your established career in a fascinating industry., I love how you look at life full of humour and reflection, and taking each and every phases of your life as episodes, ready for the next.

I love how you are taking a stand to take a different course in your life in the near future. What is it about being comfortable to change that is so .. admirable? Uprooting yourself especially, taking a different path in life sounds like an awesome way of living.. Is life too short for the same thing? I've talked about doing things like that, either I'm not as adventurous as I thought I am, or I just don't know how to, or where to start? Maybe both.

As I overlook the Hoan Kiem Lake from a roof top view on one of the oldest cafe in Hanoi with you with Jessy J's price tag as background with you singing to it. I registered into my heart; moments that are so beautiful, so foreign, but still so familiar reminding me of home wherever I am at moments like these. And to the friends I've met along my travels who have been so kind to me, almost strangers of a family, I can never put the price on your time and kindness.

To sum it all, thank you for your friendship. Please wait for my Hanoi posts!
See you again :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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