Ni hao Shanghai - pt 1

I must admit, I have never been so intimidated to visit any place in the world, much like I was intimidated to my recent visit.. to China.

And it was for just one reason; language. 

I don't think any of my 'Ke-yi', or 'Meh si', or 'okay mou' - which are mostly Cantonese anyway would help me go far. And I did a terrible mistake of not learning any of the basic Chinese prior because I was just.. too.. busy. Also, doesn't help that I'm going there with my friends who can all speak Mandarin, or understand Mandarin at the very least. So I kind of took it for granted.

And that part intimidated me a little bit knowing that I cannot lose sight of them.

But it turns out, every trip is different and I'm different in every trip.

I've gone to so many solo adventurous trips that I am so glad I stuck by them like a baby guppy, because it reminded how much laughs and loves they always give me like old times. And that traveling in group means you sign up for group activities, and is about togetherness; which my independent self is always so bad at.

I was supposed to be in the same flight together to Shanghai with Carmen, but her flight was delayed and she had to settle for the flight the next day. Which basically delays one day of her schedule.

I reached Shanghai really late, around 3am, together with CH's sister and family. And all I wanted to do was to SHOWER. I don't know how CH convinced us to stay in Intercontinental where he works, but he did.... so it was SO GOOD to reach to a comfy bed and a luxurious rain shower. Shanghai and KK has the same timezone, so there was not much jetlag.


I told Beh, yes, I woke up just before 11am in time for us to get our snacks before breakfast before meeting CH. Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong is located within some eateries and malls, so it was an easy walk around. And the weather, was perfect!

Supposedly summer, but with a chance of breeze :)

I would probably choose a restaurant with photos if I wasn't with the boys.

We were so hungry, but took CH's word that he would take us to dimsum for lunch, so we agreed to share on a bowl of dumpling only prior. MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD T_T

And then the promised dim sum :)))))))

Couldn't stop working even when I'm on holiday :)  I saw some fresh flowers in a mall and loved how it's setup so simply but still so pretty. I always forget the stars themselves are the fresh flowers :)

And then we saw Pokemon giving tequila shots to tourists.
This Pokemon so happening, it's only 4pm.

The streets near French Concession Shanghai.

I am always so fascinated by these bamboos scaffolding.  Like first, metals are always so scary!! Bamboos on the other hand.. seem less dangerous. And the setup of these bamboos... LOOK. So well done!

We took the time to walk around, and finally crossed over the famous Huangpu River via ferry.

This was one of the happiest walk I've had, catching up with Beh and his adventures in India. And how work and life is catching up on each other while TCH and Kenneth right ahead :)

(I think this was the second night, my timeline is fcked but oh well).

At night, CH invited us to dinner with his family ... I was still so wary about not being able to speak Chinese among everyone but I moved on pass the second wine glass, and had some good laughs after. Even tried, duck's toungue, intestines, jellyfish among few. When in China.....

You know when they say never underestimate your happiest moments? Never to imagine that it would come in the simplest setting?

Below was one of the many happiest setting in my life. 

Having to hang out in a lounge / bar all to yourselves with your close friends wrapped up in luxurious leather sofas in... China, drinking different type of beers around the table, with the smell of cigars stuck on the carpets and glasses in the room, with the Olympics playing in the background, talking about all the terrible things you've done back in college (or not - I was a geek and an angel :P) and bidding one of us bite off the dust and maybe finally putting and end to terrible love adventures; the very least person we expect to no less.

If there's anything to predict about life, is that it's unpredictable. 

Cheers, Shanghai you have been too kind.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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