Cooking class in Pattaya

Winning a lucky draw like free stays are GREAT, but when you're thrown into a destination you barely know of.............

I decided this would be a great time for me to bond with my little sister Jessy despite not knowing what we could do together in Pattaya. There were a few things to choose, from a floating market to petting the most adorable elephants. Eventually I decided to do something that would be more educational, in a sense, some useful information that we could bring back home and possibly apply.

I reckon cooking seems like the perfect bet!

So we decided on the website with the best SEO, haha, cause I simply Googled "cooking classes in Pattaya" and Walter and Lom came up first. I emailed Walter about 2 weeks before the actual date, and Jessy and I secured ourselves a half day class with him and his wife :)

Happy Chef Thai Cooking Class:

For every activity I do, I must choose the ones that are close to my hotel obviously for easy transport.

Getting there, was an adventure on its own. 

Jessy and I were given the options separately to choose the dishes that we wanted to cook. It seemed very natural for us to choose different dishes from another so that we could try, and obviously emulate the ones we liked back home.

My first dish was Chicken with Cashewnuts. OMG DIVINE.

I keep telling myself that I wouldn't be able to finish the dish........

But, I just kept eating.....

And eating.....

And next thing I know.. I cleaned up the plate! -_-" (must be the heat)

^So good.

Jessy started hers with a green curry :p

^My favourite Thai dish of ALLLLLLLLL time. Papaya Salad - I could eat a bunch of these the wholeeee day.

Sorry, my phone died in between, I don't know why it revived halfway through but I'm glad it did cause I managed to take photos of the beautiful desserts we made!

Well, what Jessy made.

Woops, I look like crap here. It was so hot preparing these dishes but I had so much fun!! It was a good bonding session with Jessy, and with all the adventures in between...

We came back and Jessy tried doing some of the dishes back home like the sticky rice mango. It was soooo good.

I wouldn't want to spend a day in Pattaya any other way :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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