A night in Papar in Koposizon Homestay

There is nothing - nothing like the feeling of seeing one of your best friend walking down the aisle. Angel was asking me whether I'd come for Stephie's wedding, but the actual fact that she is one of my closest, and coolest, made me consider whether I'd stay on for the party till night.

Because, why not. 

So I said yes, and just maybe continue the night. I wasn't gonna cut short on a friend I've known for almost 20 years' wedding party. After all, I've got all the freedom in the world to }:)

One of the highest honour in life is to be able to help your friend on her wedding day. I sorted her bouquets, the flower girls' flowers and even her bridesmaids'. She requested for it to look tropical, and I tried just that. It looked like a tropical jungle out there! So so beautiful.

After the church wedding, we drove to Papar and started the party.......... #yolo decided to stay on for the night (minus Morris because he is from Papar himself). We hooked ourselves up with a stay under the Koposizan Homestay, with Uncle Nasius who was also at the party...................................

But we didn't check in only till about 6pm, we didn't want to take the chance to drive on a really dark pathways, so we decided to summon Uncle Nasius at 6pm (who was also still there....... drinking.......... partying.......) to direct us to his house beforehand so that we know the roads to and are aware, if we were to continue the night when we come back.

Which we did!

Photos from Evangelika - thank you my dear :) The house is complete with kitchen area, two rooms one room with an aircond which we decide that all of us will sleep there - chris being on bunk bed of course.

I was walking around the house and realised the garden behind it is SO beautiful! Angel helped me out took some of the photos of the garden / nursery and she even snapped of what seemed like a floral arch?! So lovely! The kampung life is always so beautiful.

The garden or nursery behind the house. 

I learned from Uncle Nasius that when you stay with them at the Koposizon Homestay you can do SO MANY THINGS. So many that even I'm considering !! For example, paddy planting, cultural dances, traditional cookingm sago pancake, fried sago grub, plant a tree (!!!), bamboo dance and souvenirs...... I can finally recommend Koposizon Homestay to everyone now! Especially it being just an hour away from KK :)

More information, check out: http://www.sabahhomestay.my/homestay-in-sabah/papar/koposizon-homestay/


Staying true to our words, we came back after that, to the party as we would and enjoyed the remaining an hour or so listening to people screaming, belting it out, and eventually ended the night ourselves with a song of our own. The bunch of us started screaming at Jon Bon Jovi's always at 10pm it was so funny.. I'm sorry people in Papar, must have woken one or two of you up.

Congratulations again Stephie, all the love and blessings of a beautiful marriage to you and your husband. Be kind to one another, and always remember why you decide to do this in the first place :)

I'll always be there!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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